@ZeeBrgr New Dishes

Celebrating their 1st anniversary …. Zee Brgr is developing its menu & adding delicious dishes so people can enjoy their time eating yummy food.

I was invited to try some of the new dishes add ed to their iPad menu. Let me tell you this, the quality of food is really getting better day after day. I enjoyed the new dishes specially the Juicy Lucy Brgr & the Red Velvet Cheesecake …

I’ve already written 2 posts about Zee Brgr before & the above dish is Crispy Salad, not new but my fav & I can’t resist it 😉

1st Post

2nd Post

Enough said, let me show you some of the new dishes I’ve tried;

Chicken Picante

Ingredients; Chicken Breast with special sauce, edamame, cucumber, & coriander leaves.

Verdict; Kinda heavy but delicious, and a bit spicy.

Assorted Pickles Tempura

Ingredients; Assortment of house-made breaded pickles, served with special thousand island sauce.

Verdict; Loved the quality of the pickles, & how can one resist pickles tempura? loved it.

Volcano Maki

Ingredients; Crabsticks & crispy tempura, sesame, spring onion, and Zee Brgr special sweet & spicy sauce.

Verdict: Do I need to say it? The name sums it up …. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Gamba Bites

Ingredients; House-made shrimp patty, on a bed of lollo rosso, melted mozzarella cheese, cherry tomato, iceberg lettuce, Zee Brgr special sauce, served with Zee Brgr special mini brioche bun.

Verdict: OH EM GEE … This is a WINNER … soo delicious that it melts in your tongue so fast & you don’t want it to finish. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Juicy Lucy Brgr

Ingredients; House-made beef patty, stuffed with melted cheddar cheese & pickles, on a bed of lollo rosso & special cocktail sauce, served with Zee Brgr special focaccia or brioche bun.

Verdict; The Juiciest burger ever …. YUMMMY & delicious.

Zee Angus Fries

Ingredients; Drenched fries with Zee Brgr spicy sauce, fresh onion, topped with Zee Brgr Angus beef mixture with spicy tomato and mushroom sauce & melted cheddar cheese.

Verdict; Verrrry heavy yet verrrrry delicious, it will make you full fast.

House-made French Fries

Verdict; Very light & delicious …

Red Velvet Cheesecake

Verdict; Light & delicious & you have the choice of adding raspberry sauce on it.

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6 thoughts on “@ZeeBrgr New Dishes

  1. bl3fyaa saroonaa, where can i find that restaurant?

  2. thaaaaanks sweeets 😀

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