@LetsPopcorn Experience

I was bored at home & thought of having a movie night all by myself … Popcorn was missing & I wasn’t in the mood to go out & get me some … Found that LetsPopcorn delivers to our area & I made my order immediately.

It was the first time I try their popcorn,,,I got me Caramel Coffee & Nachos. The caramel coffee was soo delicious, I couldn’t stop eating it, bitter sweet yum yum. The nachos was fine, it didn’t feel like nachos literary but it was good.

The Caramel Coffee is highly recommended 😀

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7 thoughts on “@LetsPopcorn Experience

  1. I actually prefer Popcornopolis it just tastess better try the Kettle popcorn.

    Tel: 2223-0111

    • I called them n they told me min charge is Kd 10 … what would i do with 10kd popcorn? but will try them when im at the avenues next time or better Garrett 🙂

      • Shako ana I ordered just 2 regular sized popcorns for 6KD and they delivered and I live farther than you.

      • wallah they told me min charge KD 10 because its weekend … madre shako, y3ni we eat everyday shako el weekend!

  2. My fav is the homemade air popped popcorn, plain with no flavor added I mean plain even without salt , You will actually feel the real popcorn taste 🙂

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