Breakfast Bread Roll by Joud

I received this package from Aqar International Trading to review their new item which they’ve just launched. It came in time, as I just started dieting with LoFat without having a breakfast meal, this package was the ideal one.

Breakfast is a large bread roll that’s full of fiber & protein. It consists of 300 calories & makes you full for many hrs. As I’m only allowed to eat 200 calories for breakfast so I cut the bread & ate half of it. I’m telling you, I hardly finished the half, it made full immediately & it lasted for almost 4 hrs. It’s not that delicious, I won’t say the taste was wow, but it was ok & it does its purpose.

I’ll be eating Breakfast for 2 weeks & let’s see how things will go …

Breakfast is available at; Sultan Centre-Salmiya, Sha’ab, Hawally & Al-Kout, Gloria Jean’s Coffees & other outlets. To order call Waleed for home deliver; 90028130. You can order 6 Breakfasts & get the 7th one for free. it costs KD 1.250

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