Satiety; Saffron Diet Pills

We all watch Dr. Oz … I’m huge fan & love his show. That day I saw an episode about Saffron Extract Diet Pills. Those pills decrease your appetite with a happy mood 😀

Many times I took diet pills that made me depresses, angry, agitated, stressed etc. you name it, but those pills are supposed to do the opposite. They also decrease your desire for sugary snacks & enhances weight loss.

As I’m struggling now to lose the extra weight I put when I was pregnant (Til now I lost 9Kgs but my weight has stopped :/ ) so I felt the need to get those pills asap. Went to Hitteen Pharmacy & found the above pills, the box costs KD 19.500 which is the same price in

Today I started taking the pills … Let’s see what will happen.

Oh, & the pills taste exactly like SAFFRON 😛

Below is the episode of Dr. Oz about the Saffron Extract Diet Pills incase you missed it.

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26 thoughts on “Satiety; Saffron Diet Pills

  1. Be careful hon with all these diet pills you can never be safe. And hope you lose the weight you want 😀

  2. sara

    مبروك ما ياج
    اذا ترضعين ما انصحج تاخذين اي حبوب

  3. Eman

    Mbrok:* enshalla toslen 7g ur goals
    Cham 7abba belyom ta5then ?

    • nshallah ya rb … u can take from 1 to 2 pills per day but im taking 1 … til now i don’t see anything changing!

  4. take 1 pills per day not more than .

  5. Sarah

    Hi i bought the pills also but i noticed on the side it says 30 lozenges ( ya3ni 7boob Ma9) thats why maybe nothing changed i just started today 🙂

  6. Sarah

    Inshallah i’ll let know 🙂

  7. Sarah

    It is working pretty well i am 4 days in and i notice a decrease in my food intake. Bes lazim takleenha gabil il lunch 7ba wa7da bil yoom ma3aleech min il9aydaliya eegoolich awal isboo3 i5thay 7abiteen.

  8. Hey don’t get me wrong but i think one should always be wary of diet pills or herbal supplements which promise a quick and easy permanent weight loss. As you all know that nothing good in life is easy or permanent!!

  9. kenshiro

    I got them for 18KD at mishref pharmacy, they are pretty good wala good luck with it

  10. Hi, where can i find them?

  11. Farrah

    Momken a3ref kam 7ba a5od fl yoom ? Gbl ma Akol shy a5edha ?

  12. Talal

    I start today with. How is it with how long you use it ,
    There any side affect , thank you

    • I didn’t finish my course

      • Pinky

        Hi this is pinky. I used before these pills and got good results. Now I am trying to buy but not available in market. Can anybody tell me where is it available in Riyadh.

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