AlSeef Hospital Delivery Experience

Everything happened very fast …

I was shopping at H&M Thursday afternoon … Everything was fine, until midnight when my amniotic fluid started leaking. Went to Alseef hospital, they started checking everything, called my Dr. Rajni Gupta & she said that I must be admitted.

Let me tell you smth about my pregnancy complication … 10 days earlier, I had an appointment with Dr. Rajni, she told me that my amniotic fluid is becoming less but there’s no leaking. She said by Sunday if I don’t give birth she’ll induce me & that she won’t let me complete my month because it’s dangerous for the baby.

Back to the hospital … I was admitted Friday around 3:00 am. Induced my labour around 3:20 am & contractions started around 5:00 am. They were mild but really painful, I only asked for gas which wasn’t doing anything. They told me they’ll start slow with the gas until I get used to it.

Around 8:00 am they started getting stronger, gave me a kind of sedation which worked wonders. My sister said I started laughing & asking her to take pictures of me LOL 😛

10:00 am my contractions became very strong & frequent, every minute …. The pain was unbearable wallah, I asked them to increase the gas & they did … After that the pain was there but my mind was in another place, I don’t actually remember how bad it was til they removed the gas which I’ll tell you why later on.

Dr. Rajni came around 1:00 pm & saw that nothing was happening, I wasn’t moving at all. I started crying. The situation was beyond hell. I was having strong contractions every minute & nothing was happening … how would you feel?!

Around 4:00 pm Dr. informed me that they’ll go with C-Section either now or at night, it’s my call. They said they can’t do anything if I wasn’t progressing. They’d be willing to wait until midnight but then it will be C-Section if the situation is the same.

To be honest, I dunno if her call was right or wrong but I wanted this to finish, so I said let’s do it now! My husband wasn’t there to make the decision but came when I was inside the OR. He didn’t approve on the C-Section. My whole family said I didn’t wait & that everything happened so fast. Having contractions for 12 hrs & nothing was happening was hell to me, I really didn’t care what they thought, I was glad I was done with it.

They removed everything from me when they were preparing me for the C-Sec. No GAS :/ I started feeling the real pain every minute :S

Got inside the OR around 5:00 pm & after that I was sent to another world (God bless the gas) 😛 I woke around 7:00 pm in alot of pain … they said they’ll move me to my room & then give me an injection to make the pain go away. When they pushed me out of the elevator my husband was there, he was the 1st one I saw from my family. They were very happy for the arrival of Baby Jana but upset because I had a C-Sec 😛

What’s done is done … Baby is out but not in my arms!!!!

Let’s talk about the hospital & their rip off policy/scheme …

I chose VIP Class A room which has an amazing view … The C-Section costs KD 1890 for 5 days! But guess what? That’s just a fake number … They said medicine is included! Do you know what kind of medicine? Panadole, gas tablets & silly stuff. Catheters, painkillers, injection etc. weren’t included at all, they had another calculation!

I’m really pissed off

Oh & 2 months ago, their prices weren’t like this! At the end of September they raised their prices for no specific reason.

Now, let’s talk about my baby … She came to this world weighing 2.380 KG, 20 grams less than the average weight. So they had to put her in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). I asked for them to bring her to me, they said they can’t, I have to go to her! Huh … with my cut? I was willing to do it coz she’s my daughter & I wanted to see her!

Next morning, the nurse helped me walking, & getting ready to go and visit my daughter in the 5th floor (I was in the 15th). Wires, injections & other things were attached to her, I really thought something was very serious with her. The Dr. told me that nothing is wrong with her, only she’s small & that she’s a slow feeder!!!!

Their care was really good, the nurses were very nice, helpful & were checking on me every 30 minutes … Whatever I wanted they’d do it immediately …

On Sunday morning, I woke up feeling much better el7mdellah! & somehow I thought of calling accounting to check the bill … They told me it would take time!

Guess what? They said that KD 1890 would be the total cost for 5 days right? WRONG, the total was KD 1776 for ONLY 3 days!!!!! & my baby’s incubator had another calculation … they charged us KD 315 for only 3 days! It was a total rip off!

The total amount came more than KD 2000 for 3 days/2 nights ONLY.

I asked them to discharge me, Dr. said she would do it tomorrow, but if I wanna leave I’m gonna hv to sign a paper & so I did …. The samething with my daughter, the Dr. there tried to convince me that it’s wrong to get her out & that i’ll have problems feeding her blah blah blah … I signed the paper & got her discharged!

Yes, she was a slow feeder, but that wasn’t a HUGE MEDICAL PROBLEM!

When we got back home, she was feeding very slow every 30 minutes …. only for 2 days & then her feeding started getting better!

That was my experience at Alseef Hospital …

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20 thoughts on “AlSeef Hospital Delivery Experience

  1. First of all, el7mdillah 3ala salamtich, that’s the most important thing. Next, I actually stayed in my incubator for weeks cuz I came out early. Like you said it’s not a medical condition but I still think you have to check with her doctor to keep close watch especially at those early stages. She needs special care. I seriously laughed at the gas part cuz I remembered my own surgery when I was a kid. When they gave me the sedation gas, I actually saw the doctors and nurses dancing and drinking champaign 😛 Then I woke up and told people a story about Kuwait! LOOOL

    • You killed me with ur gas story hehehe 😛

      The Dr. admitted there’s nothing wrong with her except that she eats slowly every now & then & now she’s a good eater el7mdelllah! Only because she came 20 grams less than the average weight, that was the only reason they sent her to NICU!

      o Allah ysalmech dear :*

  2. Cate

    Mashallah baby Jana is so so so so CUTE!! I’m glad that your feeling better hun 🙂 Aww forget about the hospital, don’t go there for the next baby hehe 😀

    • What NEXT baby? 😛

      hehe thank you love :*

      • Cate

        Hun I have to comment about the anonymous below. The comment made was really disrespectful. Really disappointed with some nasty comments! Instead of giving supports to the new mommy and baby, they condemn 😦

        About the next baby 😛 They pop out sooner than you thought 😛 Just kidding just kidding 😛 Relax and rest well :*

      • ah sweetie don’t bother :* haters gonna hate & the world is full of evil people who only have darkness inside them!

        hehe we’ll see about that … i’ll be waiting for your baby 😉

  3. Anonymous

    You spend all that money on JUNK at H&M then pull your baby out of the NICU because it’s too expensive?????? Shame on you.

    • Yes I did … Got a problem with that?

      If only people would read carefully rather than commenting blindly …

      • Anonymous

        I did read!!! Even the doctor tried to make you keep your baby in the hospital and told you its not a good idea to take her out!!!! You dont know what complications your baby can suffer long term because of your self stupid decision.

      • As if you’d know about the complications she’d suffer if she gets out? dumb @$$

        & I don’t recall you being her father or her mother to decide what’s best for her … keep your mouth shut & don’t interfer in smth that’s non of your concern!

    • nox

      did she say that she pulled her baby out because it was too expensive? other than judging people and telling them how to live their lives, is putting words into people’s mouthes a new hobby? she’s the mother and no one would know what’s best for the babay more than her parents. and if you have experience with privet hospitals (which you obviously don’t have!) then you would know that they would keep you in even if you don’t need it just to cash in more money and when things get bad & ugly they would discharge you & ask you to go to a government hospital because they can’t be responsible for you anymore.

      now go find yourself a new hobby and get busy instead of saying hurtful stupid things to people you don’t know while hiding behind a screen.

  4. english

    Nothing beats Royale Hayat! Everything is included.

    • *Sigh* I was supposed to give birth there but then changed at the last minute because the view at Alseef room was a killer

  5. Hafsa

    Omg! Didn’t realize it was that bad! Dar al shifa, mowasat etc have all told various prices and have stated that not everything is covered but if it means a difference of 500 or more kd… I prefer putting up with Sabah or any gov hospital … It is just a couple of days after all … Your post has convinced me even more against private hospitals…
    Ah well, for you my dear, All this could have contributed to your depression even more but i would say never regret anything, such hurdles are just mere bumps to make us appreciate the great blessing of children even more!! Let bygones be bygones and enjoy this new phase in life, after all, they say motherhood completes a woman!:)

    • Yes sometimes you’d think that public could be better than private from that point, but in terms of luxury, private would be much better!

      I don’t regret at all pulling my daughter from NICU, it was the perfect decision .. she didn’t need tostay there at all!

  6. Blush

    My daughter was born 2.2 kg. My delivery was 29 days earlier (almost a month but was in my 9th month) but I never knew the fact the baby below 2.400 are considered below average weight as during my delivery they did not inform me about that and did not even keep her in any incubator. They said she just healthy and fine just tiny… like your baby :). Is it because you delivered in private and they wanted to make a big deal out of it? Don’t know! Just wondering.
    By the way, I always follow your blog but first time I am commenting.
    Welcome to mother hood dear. My daughter has just turned One today :).
    And ya, your post about your experience with your baby and how your dear sis took two weeks off and was there by your side and so many other things really made my eyes water, as I remembered when I first brought my baby home, though my mom was there to help but was very depressed with my life as I wouldn’t get enough sleep, life is totally changed, you are always confused with the baby wants, not free sole like before and so much more is always in your mind.
    You know you will not feel how fast time flies and you will see your baby 6 months and then crawling and then celebrating her first birthday. When you look back you will feel it was just yesterday she came in this world. Time is big time healer.
    Love all your post! Love your blog! And something always makes me feel your a very warm person :).

    • Yup I believe so, they admitted it, they said she’s fine it’s just ministry protocol to keep her in the incubator coz she came below 2.4 KG!

      This is the hardest phase, when babies are very small/tiny & need constant observation/care! Already the day passes so fast with her … Can’t wait til she’s all grown up 🙂

      I’m glad that you commented on this post Blush, plz keep reading my blog & I hope my posts won’t bore you in the near future 😛

      Lots of love & kisses mwaaaah :*

  7. Dalal

    7amdila 3ala salamtich and slamat jana, If you dont mind me asking why did you change your mind with going to Government hospital? because i am thinking to deliver there just for the sake its much safer, and i rememebr you were thinking of delivering there..

    • Allah ysalmech dear 🙂

      To be honest, as my delivery started getting closer & my body started to pain me more, I got scared! In public you’d stay alone, no one around you but in private my family & husband were all around me giving me support & comfort … yes it’s still much safer to give birth in public if u’re willing to stay alone!

      Allah ygawmech besalama ya rb!

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