My Buys: Anna Dello Russo Madness #ADR

I wasn’t in the mood to stand in a very long queue from early morning just to get me a piece or two from Anna Dello Russo For H&M. I actually forgot about the whole event until I woke up around 10 am & saw the pictures on Instagram.

I thought everything was gone until I saw other people still posting pictures of the collection around 2pm. I wanted to go so badly because I’m a sucker for animal jewelries/accessories, I buy whatever piece of animal jewelryaccessory I see infront of me, I just adore them.

Unfortunately, due to my pregnancy complications, I can’t drive alone. My husband was at work. My aunts were already out. I called dad & asked him if he can take me, & he said he will around 3:30pm.

Reached Salem Almubarak branch (infront of Alfanar) around 4pm & was able to get me some pieces. I wanted to buy the trolly & the handbag but they were out of stock 😦

The staff were very helpful god bless them but the collection was cornered in a small space which made it very difficult to go through the pieces & check them out.

The clutch is so cute & the bracelet suits it perfectly … Wanted the necklace but it was gone!


My favorite pieces … so elegant!

My 2 snake bracelets … love them ❤

Okay, so I got me this weird crocodile sunglasses. I don’t know if I’ll have the confidence to wear them in K-Town, but definitely I’m gonna keep it for my trips & the beach 😛

Loved the details of the bag.

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6 thoughts on “My Buys: Anna Dello Russo Madness #ADR

  1. i love how heavey the bracelet is !! damn they finished all bags and trolly 😦 3leech bl3fya sweets ;**

  2. 3alaich bl 3afya dear hehe great buys and I wouldn’t have waiting in line as well! 😛

  3. F

    hahahaha @ the glasses, they are sooo fugly I almost want to buy them 😛 malbos el3afya

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