9th Month Bulletins-The Finale


Take a look at the picture above … That’s exactly how I feel these days!

When I thought the 8th month was hard, painful & unbearable … 9th month turned out to be worse. It takes alot of effort for me to stand, sit, walk or do any silly activity. My back is killing me … actually more than that, can’t really describe how awful the pain is. All my bones hurt really bad, like REALLY bad. Baby’s movement is becoming somehow painful these days but I kinda like it coz it tells me that the baby is healthy & kicking el7mdellah. I’m having a little bit of complications, but it’s not that serious. Dr. will decide what’s right for me this week & nshallah everything will go just fine.

P.S. Today is my mother’s birthday … Happy Belated Birthday mom :*

Rest In Peace ❤

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2 thoughts on “9th Month Bulletins-The Finale

  1. Allah ye8awmech bel salamah inshallah and hopefully everything turns out well ya rab. Belated birthday you ur mom, Allah yi’3ammed roo7ha el jannah

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