IL DIVO Live In Dubai


You can’t imagine how sad I am😦

One of my favorite bands IL DIVO are touring the world … I kept checking their website for any dates announced in Dubai or Abu Dhabi but there weren’t any …

My friend Noon just told me that they’ll be in Dubai next week 5th of October to perform live at Sheikh Zayed Hall … Ofcourse considering my situation, I definitely cannot attend (or maybe I can?). I’m nagging on my husband but he’s telling what will I do if I go in labour while at the concert? I mean we will have time to go back, right? Labour usually takes long hours, specially with the first child!!!!

I really really REALLY want to go & enjoy this concert. Their voices are amazing, beyond amazing!

Date announced on IL DIVO‘s website

T book your seat click here




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12 thoughts on “IL DIVO Live In Dubai

  1. Rana

    انا شخصيا الطلق بدأ معي ١٠ بالليل وولدت ٩ الصباح وبنفس اليوم وحده كانت معاي كانت تطلق يومين
    الطلق بالعاده يطول
    لكن المسأله لو انكبت مويتك قدام الناس >ـ< بالنسبه لي احس بنحرج
    لكن يعتمد من شخص لشخص
    على العموم اخر ايام حملك اسمعي قران وكثري من المشي والتمر هالشي فادني بشكل ماتتصورينه

    ال ديفو من الفرق الي ادمنت على سماعها فتره معينه وبعدها لهيت مع حياتي الزوجيه وولدي
    احس اني اشتقت لهم

    شكلي راده باكثر من اكاونت في البلوق تبعك
    بس دايم انسى اخر رد كان عن طرييق الفيس بوك ولا الوورد بريس😄

    • ee la don’t worry, I don’t think im going😛 a9lan 7addi ta3bana:/

      IL DIVO raw3a o 9a7 ham ana lahet 3nhom mn tezawajt bs 7addi metshawga aro7 7aflat’hom! ma3aleh elyayat akthar nshallah🙂

  2. Sheikha

    Already booked my tickets and we are making a weekend out of it

  3. There is always next time hehe😛 And next time you won’t have a belly full of baby who pushes on your bladder and makes you wanna go to the restroom every 2 minutes and not enjoy the concert. Not to mention no back pains while standing there or sitting and watching the concert hehe😛 Trust me hehe everything happens for a reason!😛

  4. sheikha

    Swera check out this link:

  5. i was gonna go! , but i changed my mind liana mako a7ad yroo7 ma3aay!

  6. ee 3ashan toldeeeen 3alaina hnak lol

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