Get Set, Ready … Waiting For The Go!

Everything is ready … My bag, the baby’s bag, & the baby reception stuff.

Countdown to the big day starts today .. tick tock tick tock

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20 thoughts on “Get Set, Ready … Waiting For The Go!

  1. Allah esahel 3alaich o egawmech bl salama enshalla… I just feel bad that I won’t be here for the birth of your beautiful little girl!

  2. Betz

    Really wishing you all the very best from the bottom of my heart!!!
    Have a safe delivery!!! Please do let us know the updates … 🙂 Will look forward to hear the good news!! Where r u planning for the delivery?
    Take Care & May the Lord Almighty bless you abundantly!!

    • Thank you Betz :* Will keep you updated 🙂

      If everything goes fine, I’ll deliver at Alseef hospital, heard they’re good.

      Thnx again dear :*

  3. Wish you all the best inshallah
    Cute bee’s 🙂

  4. Saaarooonaaaa .. Allah esahil 3alaich w te6lu3oon intay w bentich bessalama inshalla :****
    Plz tell us when you have the baby :**

  5. sheikha

    best wishes, try to walk as much as you can. Breastfeed your child from day one and do take the “fitolate” tablets to increase your milk supples. Best wishes.

    • Im walking wallah but it’s very painful :/ & im planning to breastfeed nshallah!

      Thanx love for the advice :*

  6. Mother of 2 toddlers

    Best of luck, Epidural is a life saver,, its your choice you want to take it or no, nitrogen gas mask is also a blessing. decide which one you want. be specific. You have to creat a tantrum to get it fast or else the nurses will just take you for granted. dont forget to keep your makeup kit.

    • Im planning to take the Gas & some pain killers such as Demerol but not Epidural, it’s kinda scary & I want things to go the natural way … I’m doing alot of walking & moving to ease things when time comes. Hopefully my labour will be just for few hrs not days 😛 & yup my make up kit is ready 😉

  7. Mother of 2 toddlers

    When you are in labor, trust me, nothing is scary… I took epidural in my first delivery and in my second i had no time as i was already ten centi gone, and i delivered instantly, best of luck…. By the way go on lunches and dinners as much as you want, this time will never come back.

    • Im really scared & on the edge literary & cant wait to be in labour & get done with it.

      I went out alot lately, these days I’m relaxing at home, coz things started getting painful 😛

  8. Mother of 2 toddlers

    If its a girl, she might complete her term, like she may be born in the end of ninth month, i know ninth month is so hectic and it seems like a hundred degrees outside, i know that you must be using the loo 5 times in 10 mins and your hormones must be driving those mood swings, hang in there. trust me this is still easier then nursing the baby every 2 hours and constant diaper changes,
    Best of luck.

    • It’s a girl but im gonna try my best to get her out asap, like walking alot, drinking cinnamon etc. This month is very irritating, yes im going to the loo every minute, back & tummy pain, the weather is always hot for me even when I’m inside the house!

      Thnx dear :*

  9. Allah Ysahel 3laich w ygawmech beslama w yarzegech a7la banoota

  10. I have to ask, are the graphics painted on the walls of the room or are they the wall art stickers? Either way they look beautiful mashalla.

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