Bloggers’ Movie Night @Danderma

The sweet & adorable Danderma invited us to her house to enjoy a movie night. I reached her place around 7:20 pm & the gang was already there. We discussed which movie to watch & ended up watching This Means War. The movie was hilarious, loved all the characters, plot, script & everything about it. But what was more hilarious is the gang, we laughed like crazy yesterday, as if we were high on something. Seriously, we couldn’t stop laughing. The star of the night was Ansam 😛

We enjoyed eating pop corn, nachos, potato chips, mini burgers, pizza, macarons & cakes. The whole night was awesome.

The gang: DandermaJacquiNoonAnsamPinkGirl & Um3azoz

Enjoy the pics 😉

Thank you PinkGirl 3la eneq9a :* ban6er edi tfesh 3shan albes el ring 😛

The End 😛

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13 thoughts on “Bloggers’ Movie Night @Danderma

  1. LOL yes it was fun 😀 😀

  2. I loved the preparation for the Movie Night! 😀 Danderma, mashallah shayin 3dl 😉 Bs ma3lish, I’ve noticed a lot of people saying “3ain” at what happened in the end… tra 3adii hal 2umour t9eer, mu kl ma 9ar shai glna 3ain… elkl m3arth for such things, elmohim ma7d ta3wrr ;* Thi7kaw wstansaw… klha memories btkoun ;* 3laikum bl3afyah 😀

    • ee mashallah 3aleha 🙂

      the thing is elli 9ar enna 6a7 bro7a ma7ad 6aya7a thats why we said 3en 😛 o enkesar eshar el7mdellah ma9ar shay!

  3. origami_butterfly

    I’m curious bout those dolls. Where can we get them?

    • Steve Jobs I think you can get it from amazon not sure though, but the 2 girls are hand made by Jacqui’s aunt 🙂

      • The Steve Jobs doll is a limited edition cannot be found on Amazon.. There were only 1200 made.. And as Swera said the other two were made by my aunt.

  4. This Means War was a good movie . loool liked the stuffed dolls and how Jacqui’s got it the exact
    face of her banner so cool but still don’t know why Jobs looks angey like if he is getting a revenge !

    please tell us more about the popcorn flavors and which was the best of all
    Thanks 🙂

    • eee he looks very angry & his beard is funny lol 😛

      I tried the regular one & caramel, both were amazing, very delicious but the one with cheese was very heavy! Didn’t get the chance to try the others 🙂

  5. miszbuf10

    where are the chips and dip from? the guacamole and cheese dip look better than i’ve ever seen from any restaurant i’ve ordered from.

  6. It was absolute fun hehe and My Stuffed ones were cool! 😛 They made the evening so much more fun! 😛

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