Post-Pregnancy To-Do List

1- Cut my hair & color it (I need extreme make over).

2- Subscribe to LoFat diet plan (Weight Loss NEEDED).

3- Start shopping (Change my whole wardrobe)-Already started shopping.

4- Get a decent pedi & meni, & color my nails.

5- Spend a whole day at Spa Time even though it seems like Mission Impossible with a new born but I will try my best 🙂

6- Schedule an appointment with a baby photographer to have my baby professionally photographed (Found a good one).

7- Do some changes in my living room … Because I’m bored & I need to make it look vivid & full of life.

8- Start reading again.

9- Catch up with my TV Shows.


11- Start cooking again, find new & creative recipes. I really miss cooking.

12- Buy some cosmetics to take care of my skin/face. Starting from next month I know I won’t sleep like all normal people therefore, my eyes will be swollen, black & I know will I lose my radiance.

13- Find a job. Not now. I have the opportunity to enjoy raising my child & I will spend every minute with her nshallah.

14- Join a gym. I’m not joking, I will try and join one of the gyms out there if I managed to control my life 😛

15- Blog more. When the baby is sleeping 😉

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8 thoughts on “Post-Pregnancy To-Do List

  1. Sn3a

    نفس حالتي
    كلشي بسويه
    بس المشكله انا ادرس العصر فسالفه الجيم شلتها

    انا اشوف ملابس حلوة بالسوق بس مادري اي سايز اخذ:(
    فقلت اخر اسبوع من الاربعين بتسوق
    وخطتي تشابه خطتج صج صج تعبت من شكلي وايدي المتفخه قبل شحلات اصابعي:(

    الله يسهل عليج وتولدين بالسلامه وتسوين نفس اللي ببالج

    • ايييه بس توصلين لي مرحله تكرهين نفسج … و على طاري التتفخ صج يضيق الخلق على قولتج اول ايدي شزينها الحين ضيم و حتى ريولي … انا شريت ملابس ستايلها وسيع فماراح يفرق معاي.

      اجمعين حبيبتي :*

  2. Good Luck 🙂

  3. Mother of 2 toddlers

    All this is possible when you have a nanny around. Have you looked for one yet.
    A very sane advice, read less about pregnancy and more abt baby.There is a thing called PPD, post pardum depression. read about it.

    • Yes I already have one & she’s great el7mdellah but you know I don’t want my baby to get attached that much to the nanny!

      Yes I’ve heard about it but never read anything regarding this matter! Thanx for the advice dear 🙂

  4. imi

    And with who do you intend to leave ur baby witj when doing all this ?
    It’s becuz u said that u will not leave ur baby for a second at the end after all these plan u will be leaving ur baby ALOT .. You have a nanny ?

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