Wardrobe Change Is Needed

My hands are itching me 😛

I know it’s not the right time to talk fashion & clothes shopping as I’m not fit these days, but hopefully only for a matter of time.

The thing is, I’m becoming bored from the clothes I’m wearing these days which are very limited, I only got me 1 maternity jeans & few blouses, that was it. Because after all, I won’t be wearing them again at all.

It’s pure torture going to malls & the only thing I’m able to do is window-shopping :/ I really want to buy alot of clothes, but I’m trying to control myself. Nothing will fit me right now, I won’t be able to lose all the weight I gained that fast, I believe I’ll need around 3-6 months after delivery to get back on track.

The clothes are really beautiful this winter … specially Kenzo’s!

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4 thoughts on “Wardrobe Change Is Needed

  1. Kenzoo is amazingggggg !
    I went there with my mum last week we almost cleaned their rails and I’m not in your shoes but its alright a little few months toldeen belsalama and shop as much as you want :*

  2. Hanat ya ebnaya yalla hanat hehe enshalla kelaha waqt baseee6 o u can go back to wearing all those gorgeous clothes and high heels hehe but I think they will get covered up with baby spit-up very soon after.

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