LakeLand CupCake Maker

So I was at Marina Mall the other day & saw this beautiful store that everyone was talking about. Lakeland was like a mini paradise for kitchen lovers (I’m one of them). I didn’t know from where to start; Cook books, measurement tools, cupcake makers etc. I started going through all of their stuff but unfortunately couldn’t scan them all coz husband was with me & you know how men react when they go shopping with their wives 😛

Anyways, they had lots of things (I need to go back & check them again) but they didn’t have food items which they sell in UK & on their website. The employee informed me that the Ministry is very strict regarding food (Oh yeah, tell me about it, PORK?). I was also looking for the Cake Pop Maker which hasn’t arrived yet, but soon as they’ve told me.

I got me Cupcake Maker, Sweets Decorating Set & some colorful measurement tools. Once I got back home, I immediately started unboxing the stuff I bought & off to business 😉 The Cupcake maker had a recipe book which I used, The other book I got included ingredients which I didn’t have but soon will get them to try some of its recipes!

Let’s see how things turned out to be;

The Cupcake maker was very easy to use & I loved the Chocolate Cupcake recipe, it was so delicious & yummy. Even after refrigerating it, still yummy.

The decorating set was also easy to use but I need to train my hands a bit 😛

And then I tried the Vanilla Cupcake recipe from the recipe book that was included inside the Cupcake maker. This time I added extra, that’s why you see the cupcakes a lil bit burned. I wanted to do smth creative which turned out to be a disaster lol You see I colored the Cream Cheese frosting but the thing is, my hands was shaking & I couldn’t handle the pipe in a professional way. The taste is beyond amazing really but the look is … NO COMMENT 😛

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2 thoughts on “LakeLand CupCake Maker

  1. Looks absolutely delicious! It didn’t take long to cook right? Yalla next time we shall have a cupcake decorating party! 😛

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