Cheesy Indian Movies

Indian movies in the past, used to be very very silly & cheesy. But we used to enjoy them to the max, I can’t believe that we used to cry watching these movies & become depressed afterwards. Now, these movies have changed a bit but still they have some cheesiness in their content.

Anyways, last night my sister whatsapp’ed me telling me that they’re showing Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon on AD Emirates. I was watching Italy’s match but thought of re-watching the movie again to remember the good old days. The movie was about to end (the final part above). When I saw it I started laughing out loud 😛 That specific part made me cry alot almost 10 years ago but now, it cracked me up. How did I enjoy such silliness? Oh wait but 9 years ago I was almost 20 years old, so I guess people do change when they grow up!

P.S. I hate Kareena & her irritating way of crying. Check the last part when she rips his shirt & the tattoo appears *LOL*

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2 thoughts on “Cheesy Indian Movies

  1. Rana

    We arabs and also Indian intend to over act its really soo annoying when you watch most of the actors & actress when they act eh -_-
    and don’t forget the bad story line and the directing.
    its very rare that we have a great movie with a great acting and beautiful story with an amazing director 😦

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