Arirang Korean Cuisine Experience

I received an invitation to try the newly opened Korean restaurant Arirang which is located in Kuwait City inside Swiss Bel-Hotel. You can also get to the restaurant through Almuthana Complex.

Now, let’s talk food. I’ve never tried eating Korean food before & thought this will be a new experience. I love asian food, tried Malaysian, Thai, Chinese & ofcourse Japanese before but never KOREAN 😉 I wasn’t sure about how this will turn out to be but all in all, I loved the whole thing. And will def visit the restaurant again to enjoy some signature dishes. Everything was delicious except for one dish which was very spicy for me & gave me severe heartburn 😛

The decoration was totally Korean, not that I’m an expert or smth but Mrs. Katrina was kind enough to explain everything to me. Seating was comfy, they also have traditional Korean seatings which is on the floor if you want to try it (in my case it wasn’t even thinkable 😛 ).

The atmosphere was serene & very Asian. There was a Korean family when we went in which got us in the mood 😀

If you’re into Asian food & want to try smth new, then this is the right place for ya.

P.S. Some dishes will appeal to you & some won’t. I believe it depends on your taste & whether you’re into Asian food or not.

Complimentary starters from the restaurant … all were good only for one dish!

Bibim Goksu

Ingredients: Soba Noodles & Kimchi Salad

Verdict: It had a weird taste, a new taste actually but it was goood & we both loved it. It’s a spicy dish but not that much.

Crab Salad

Ingredients: Crab, Celery, Pepper, Lemon juice, & Mayo.

Verdict: Just like any other crab salad, it had the same taste but this one I think was with a different twist a bit. Delicious.

Beef Dumplings (Fried)

Verdict: The taste was also like any dumplings out there. Very delicious, specially the sauce.

Unagi-Eel Roll

Verdict: Well, never tried eel before & wasn’t going to if it wasn’t for my husband who encouraged me & said that eel tastes good coz he had it before 😛 LOVED IT ❤ very yummy when dipped in soya sauce.

Kimchi Chige

Ingredients: Vegetables, Beef & Old Kimchi.

Verdict: Okay, this dish was fine to me, it was the one that gave me heartburn, verrrryyy spicy, didn’t see that coming. Probably you’ll like it if you’re into spicy food.

Ssam Bab

Ingredients: Rice wrapped in greens with special sauce.

Verdict: I didn’t expect this dish to look like this. I thought the rice will be wrapped inside smth green, but it came alone with alot of greens on the side which we used for other dishes 😉

Dolsot Bibimbab

Ingredients: Rice cooked in a stone pot with vegetables & greens, mixed with spicy & pepper sauce.

Verdict: Oh yeah, this was one of the dishes that we liked the most. Very very delicious. We mixed everything & added a lil bit from the soup on the mix which came on the side minus the green stuff inside it. Couldn’t stop eating from it. Good thing the spicy sauce was on the side which we didn’t include in the mix.


“One of the best Korean dishes known among foreigners” 

Verdict: Can’t blame foreigners for liking this dish & being the best. It’s also one of the best dishes on my list. Very juicy & yummy, it had a bit of sweetness which I liked.

That’s how people eat food in Korea, they wrap it with lettuce & cabbage unlike us with bread 😉


Verdict: This dessert dish wasn’t new to me, already tried it in Malaysia & Singapore. It has alot of ingredients but very delicious specially their signature jello 😉

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4 thoughts on “Arirang Korean Cuisine Experience

  1. alllaaah ashkra brou7 lehom for my cheat meal !!
    3waaafii hon ;*

  2. interesting food! very curious to give it a try 9ara7a! will pass by soon!

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