Movie Review: What To Expect When You’re Expecting

I was waiting for this movie to come out out online for along time. It was released on May 25th 2012 & it is supposed to come out on DVD on the 11th of Sept 2012. For 3 months I kept searching for a good version online but never found one. Suddenly, today I decided to search & voila, I got me a very clear version 😀

Frankly, I hate movies that are packed with stars, coz I think they distract you from the main story, you get lost, & never understand the plot. But in this movie, I was willing to take my chances & it didn’t disappoint 😉

I loved everything about, it had 5 different stories; 3 pregnant women, 1 dealing with miscarriage, & another one dealing with adoption. So basically, it covered it all. It was funny, laughed alot coz I was able to relate to most of the situations shown in the movie. except adoption part of course.

J Lo’s part was very shallow, she didn’t appear that much on the movie, liked Cameron Diaz’s roll even though I’m not a big fan of her. I loved Elizabeth Banks’ acting, she was amazing, very funny 🙂 Loved how they talked about three different situations of labour & delivery, one with c-section, one with great amount of pain & the last one with almost no pain at all considering the awful amount pain you get during labour & delivery. I’d say they were exaggerating a bit if I haven’t seen a real video of labour & delivery where the mother isn’t in alot of pain.

I don’t know if non-pregnant women will find this movie amusing, funny or worth watching, but definitely it will for pregnant ones 😉

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8 thoughts on “Movie Review: What To Expect When You’re Expecting

  1. It was a cute movie hehe I don’t know why but I expected a bit more out of it but it’s good nonetheless. I think I kind of wanted it to be like “How to break up with a guy in 10 days” or something like that you know with each set of rules being highlighted by a narrator or something of the sort.

    But Joe Mangiello is absolutely gorgeous and Chris Rock was hilarious to the bone!

    • A9lan Joe being in the movie made me skip all the negative sides hehe 😛

      Yes i understand what you mean but still it was enjoyable 😀

  2. I love this movie and its really funny! Funniest is Cameron Diaz!! I watched it in the cinema 🙂

  3. dotsNpink

    i loved it too,but unlike you i didn’t wait that long to watch it…if you want email me and i can give you a link were you can watch NEW movies online for free..:) and uhm even tv series…

    • I have sm websites where I can watch it online for free but I prefer downloading it from torrent & watching it on my big screen 😀

  4. Loved the movieee, so cuttttte !

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