8th Month Bulletins

Not long ago, I started gaining weight very fast. I used to gain 1kg every month, until I reached the 7th month where I started gaining 2kgs per month. But now, things started to change & get a bit scary as I am in my 8th month. In 2 weeks I gained 2kgs :/ That’s 1kg per week, & I still have 4 weeks ahead of me until everything settles down, I stop gaining weight & get ready for delivery.

Thank you lord for not making me as fat as she is

Til now, I gained 10kgs *screams*. And I have a strong feeling that I’ll gain 4kgs more :S  My belly isn’t that huge, & I still wonder how the baby is growing, but everything in me is swollen,& puffed up. Shoes are becoming very tight, I feel like walking barefoot after wearing them for 15 minutes. I can no longer tolerate wearing watches, rings, bracelets etc. They all irritate me.

I’m becoming very moody, staying home all day unless I have an errand to run. I’m having Braxton Contraction where you have painless contraction when your tummy tightens for few seconds & then relaxes. They’re beginning to become somehow painful. They’re not that painful. Guess my body is getting ready. Add to that a little backache. I’m suffering from shortness of breath as the baby is getting bigger & suffocating me :S

Deep sleep is like a dream these days. Remember when I used to complain about sleeping all the time?! Stupid me!!! I want that amount of sleep back. I’m heavy, suffering from backache & my belly really hurts when I try to move from side to side, not to mention my bones feel like moving from their place.

Running errands for my reception in this heat is killing me … Thank god I have great aunts who are helping me in alot of things, but still there alot of things that I have to finish by myself. I’ve changed my mind about having my baby in a public hospital, hoping that things will go smoothly & I’ll be able to deliver in one of the private hospitals out there. Bed sheet & cover has been taken care of el7mdellah, just finished choosing coffee sweets from Oprah & they’ll be delivered to the hospital nshallah, my aunt is taking care of the flowers, my other aunt is taking care of the hairdresser *sigh*. I envy those who will deliver in winter, the weather will be amazing & they won’t feel that tired getting these things ready for the big day.

A beautiful journey is about to end …

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22 thoughts on “8th Month Bulletins

  1. الله يسهل عليج و تقومين بالسلامه و تفرحين بالبيبي

  2. Miss Good Egg

    Wow she really looks fat. I almost didn’t recognize her.
    Most of the kilos you’re talking about are probably fluids. They’ll soon be gone inshallah. Glad you’re getting things underway it’s always hectic at the last few weeks. Allah ygawmich bisalamah inshallah :***

  3. Allah ysahel 3alaich inshallah :* I think it’s only natural to gain 15kgs during pregnancy so you don’t have anything to worry about! 🙂

  4. Awww with all the updates and complaining you still made me smile.Everything will inshallah turn out even way better than you expected. Allah yegawmich bel salama ya rab

  5. Sheikha

    I wish you all the best Swera, I really adore you and I was elated when you announced your pregnancy. It is strange how your readers (although complete strangers) relate to what you are going through and the way you touch our lives.
    Do watch your salt intake and decrease it as much as you can. During my pregnancy, my doctor put me on a strict diet low sodium diet which was rich in nutrients but low in fat to ensure both my health and a smooth delivery. She also recommended light yoga to ease back pain and it worked wonders.

    • Hello Sheikha dear, thank you for your comment sweetie 🙂

      I love it when people relate to the topics I write about & how smtimes it affects them! I have to check with my Dr. & get from her a good diet that will make me lose all the weight i put on afterwards.

  6. Sangelus

    I cant imagine how freaked out you must be D: hopefully everything goes well, and how you imagined it to be, in the end ^.^

    • I’m very freaked out :/ but as you said, I really hope things will go smoothly & as I imagined 😀

  7. LOOL thank the lord 1000 times jesssica was huge .. good luck babe o allah aysahil 3alaich wetyebelina a beautiful baby girl :* hope she’s crazier than u r 😛

    • eee she’s our idol now, ay wa7d egolena u’re fat we’re gonna say not as fat as Jessica (mskeena) 😛

      I really hope so, & we’ll be waiting for ur happy news 😉

  8. Lisa Conrad

    Reading your updates and posts is opening my eyes as to how intense pregnancy is; whoa!!! The line about feeling your bones moving shocked me to the core lol. You’re such a trooper and I’m so glad to hear everything is going well; don’t worry about your weight, just enjoy and take it easy!! Wishing you the very best hun!!!

  9. LOL at the Jessica Simpson caption! :p
    If it makes you feel any better, you look great! Allah ysahil 3alaich inshallah wiygawmich bilsalama and the baby’s definitely going to be a little cutie after all you’re going through!

    • eee ga3da t7awleen trfe3een ma3naweyaty bs I know enna i look way better than Jessica lol 😛

      7bibty allah ysalmech o allah ysm3 mennech :*

  10. allaaa ysahel 3alich o tolden bel salama inshallaaah ;**

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