Ramadan Has Been Completed

el7mdellah (thank god) I was able to fast the whole month without breaking my fast. Many people advised me not to fast because I’m pregnant & that the baby needs food bla bla bla … etc. The thing is I didn’t really believe that a pregnant woman should not fast as long as she’s having a healthy easy pregnancy.

I 1st asked my Dr. If it’s ok to fast, she told me if I don’t feel anything is wrong then yes I can fast. Then I searched the web about whether a pregnant woman is allowed to break her fast & I found that “If the woman is fearing that fasting will harm her or her baby then she can break her fast” Or if she’s getting tired/sick etc then she can break her fast also.

I’m not gonna lie to you, I thought of breaking my fast a couple of times because of the lousy heartburn that came back worse 10 times. I felt that I was burning from the inside & I needed to drink water + take my medication. But I fought that thought & completed my fasting. It wasn’t easy the 1st couple of days, but then it turned out to be fine & mashallah the month ended very fast.

Add to that I don’t work, I sleep around 7 am & wake up 3 pm … it was an easy fasting 😀

Happy Eid U’all

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12 thoughts on “Ramadan Has Been Completed

  1. Happy Eid to you and all your family 🙂

  2. Dalal

    taqabal allah oo ya36eech al 3afyah, and good for you :).. im pregnant too and i was wondering what are you taking for your heartburn, i hate all the liquid and chewable heartburn medication they gave me makes me throw up.. eekh,,, hope you have something as a pill form that you can recommend … 🙂

    • Allah y3afeech o menna o mennech dear :*

      I actually take Moxal, the chewing tablets. It used to hv gr8 effect but not anymore!

  3. عيدكم مبارك وعساكم من العايدين والفايزين

  4. 3eeedich embarak love hehe o enshalla doom 😀

    Hanat enshalla kelaha cham shahar o you have a beautiful angel!

    • ayamech sa3eeda sweetie :*

      sheno cham shahar? lol only 1 month left o soon i’ll be delivering hehe

  5. Miss Good Egg

    Start posting 🙂

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