Chinese Woman Forced To Abort Her Baby When She Was 7 Months Pregnant


This lady was 7 months pregnant when she was forced to abort her baby 2 months ago. As you know, there’s a fine for the 2nd child in China. What this woman did is wrong getting pregnant knowing that she’ll be forced to abort her kid. She’s poor & doesn’t have the money to pay for the fine.

But what the Chinese government or whoever is responsible did is a criminal act. Killing a soul is very cruel & they should be punished or probably killed.

Because she didn’t have money to pay for the fine, you go ahead & kill the baby? Kill an innocent soul? Would money have made any difference? It’s the same concept NO KIDS, but if you have money “Oh well you can have the baby”.

I’m really angry & pissed wallah. Savages.


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19 thoughts on “Chinese Woman Forced To Abort Her Baby When She Was 7 Months Pregnant

  1. China is just strange. You’d be in for a shock of your life if you reach its part of YouTube. Unbelievably inhumane things happen there.

  2. la 7awl walaa gowata ila bilaah! wala 7aram o 6b3an ohma ma y3arfoon il7aram! il7imdilaah ma 3ndina halshay dertna derat 5air o aman

  3. Betz

    Its terrible to read these articles… On one side, there are couples who are praying hard for a child & on one side, you see people ready to kill these innocent lives… What mistake did he / she do? I really feed sad when I see these type of articles!!!

    • She got pregnant knowing that she’l be forced to abort her child if she didn’t pay the fine! But as you said, many people are doing alot of things to hv only 1 child & these people are killing children with no mercy!

  4. شنو هالقلب و اللا انسانيه اللي عندهم اخنقتني العبره الصراحه
    الحمدلله على نعمة الاسلام

  5. Miss Good Egg

    why wasn’t she deported at least?

  6. Omg! May these people who did this burn in hell! Its heart breaking!

  7. Snowy

    Actually the father was away in another province trying to get back to pay the fines but it was already too late.

  8. This is so sad
    I studied abt China’s policies & rules in their attempts to control the populations growth, it’s working very well but it’s just too cruel
    you wouldn’t imagine the things they do, it’s just sad & horrible

  9. This is absolutely heartbreaking!!! 😦

  10. Cherrylyn

    China a world of sin killing innocent souls. I’m so glad I wasn’t born there. They are assholes.

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