The Help In My Life


Things are progressing, pregnancy is becoming very painful these days, I can hardly move, & when I do, it’s very painful & it keeps on getting more painful day by day. Dr. told me it’s normal because baby is getting bigger & pressing on all my bones :/

Anyways, house chores became something impossible to do & it was time for the help to join the family. I can say that she invaded our privacy a bit but thank god I live at Dad’s & there’s a separate room for the helps, so she doesn’t reside in our apartment. She only comes when I wake up or when I need her to do something. I think she’s the most spoiled help in Kuwait for now of course but after that I guess she’ll be cursing her life 😛 Not that I’ll be throwing the baby on her, god no! But her life routine will change dramatically.

She’s from Nepal, she is very sweet & has alot of experience! I don’t have to teach her anything except my own dishes, but she knows alot of other dishes. She’s doing all the cooking, cleaning, ironing etc etc etc & I’m enjoying my painful pregnancy eating, sleeping & watching tv 😀

I pray she’ll stay the same nshallah specially after the baby comes out to this world, coz I know I’ll be very stressed & moody. I’ll need her support badly!

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6 thoughts on “The Help In My Life

  1. Betz

    I have always been a silent reader in your blog, & always look forward for your writings! Really appreciate the way you have spoken of your help!
    I am sure she will be a blessing and a great help in yr family!
    Wishing the mommy & the baby to come all the blessings in life! Please do take care and have small walks in between to take in fresh air (I know its difficult, but it will always be good for you!)
    God bless you abundantly 🙂

    Wishing you a wonderful Ramadan too 🙂

    • I really appreciate your comment my dear 🙂

      It’s becoming very difficult to walk wallah but im trying my best.

      Thank you dear :*

      • Betz

        Thank you so much 🙂
        I do understand … But just few more months … You will be happy to hold the lil one in yr hands & then u forget what all u went through 🙂
        When is yr due? Will keep you in my prayers for sure!

      • cant wait wallah 😀

        Im due October nshallah! Thank you very much dear :*

  2. Tw

    When I was three months preg I got a maid to help me as I cudn’t manage coz I was throwing up n all and from then on till now she is there and my babe is 5months now 🙂 I tell you, it’s such a blessing!

    • I know the help is such a blessing! I had a stable pregnancy til now (7 months). God bless your baby dear, I can’t wait to see mine 😀

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