Event: Gergi’an Party With @ZainKuwait

We were invited this year by Zain Kuwait to attend a Gergi’an party. Unlike last year’s ghabga which was very cozy & small, this year was huge, full of many activities & celebrities also!

This year, children were the main focus. Zain prepared for them alot of activities, games & questions along with gergi3an bags & gifts. They really enjoyed to the max, you can see them dancing, laughing & moving all over the place!

Nashallah next year I’ll bring my daughter with me 😛

Thank you Zain for the lovely event 🙂

Lgaimat Alnoury 😛

Maram giving gergi’an bags to the kids

Bashar Alshatti

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5 thoughts on “Event: Gergi’an Party With @ZainKuwait

  1. Lgaimat !! I don’t get it !

  2. Yallah 5erha b’3eerha ,, El fashal aho bdayat 6reej el naja7 🙂
    The funny part is it was there even it was a big fail
    Good job Alnoury 🙂

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