Recipes: Berry Parfaits

Was looking for an easy recipe to make delicious dessert & something that doesn’t take that long. Remembered fruit parfait & immediately googled it 🙂 Came upon this Delicious Recipe & it turned out to be amazing when I added mini cakes!

Step 1: Whisk 200 grams of cream cheese (I used Philadelphia) with 8 tbsp sugar (sifted) & 1 tsp Vanilla Extract.

Step 2: Add 1 cup heavy whipped cream & whisk.

Step 3: Keep whisking til you  get a very creamy mixture like the picture above.

Step 4: Add mini cakes (used Sara li cake) & then a layer of cream cheese.

Step 5: Then add a layer of mixed berries (whatever fruit you want).

Step 6: Then cover with another layer of cream cheese & garnish with berries.


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5 thoughts on “Recipes: Berry Parfaits

  1. eSalaam 3alikom
    MaShallah it looks good, I’ll try it some day
    thanx for sharing the recipe

  2. swera yabelich cook section, la2 la2 9ayra 5a6eeraaa mashalaah

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