Iftar Buffet; Luna Restaurant @HotelMissoniKuw

Yesterday, we went to Luna Restaurant located at Missoni Hotel to try their Iftar Buffet. My first experience at Luna Restaurant was exactly last year when I was invited to their soft opening. Previous Article.

Things haven’t changed at all. The service was excellent, the staff was very friendly & helpful, the food was yummy except for few things which I’ll mention later on. The atmosphere was amazing, very Ramadani thanx to the decoration, prayers, etc.

When we first seated, the waiter asked us what kind of soup we want to drink, Lentil or Chicken, we went with chicken & it was very delicious.

Drinks were so many: Jallab, Vimto, Tamerend, & Laban

Dates & dried apricots were available on all tables.

We headed to the buffet after drinking our soup. Started with the Salad Buffet which was amazing except for the Vine Leaves (Waraq 3enab) it wasn’t good. Wish they’d cook it in a better way. But everything was perfect, loved the cold dishes.

The main buffet had lots of varieties along with a Chinese station & a huge qozi platter. We liked it alot. Their Yereeeeesh was very very delicious wallah, I wanted to keep eating from it nonstop.

The Dessert buffet was beyond imagination. White chocolate fountain with lots of fruits, tarts, cakes, knafa, Om Ali & more 😀

The finale was with Arabic Coffee 😉

Buffet costs KD 11.950 Everything is included except water.

Luna Restaurant located  in the 18th Floor.

Loved the platter

From the Chinese Station

The End ❤

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2 thoughts on “Iftar Buffet; Luna Restaurant @HotelMissoniKuw

  1. 3alaikom bl 3afya shakla ewanes 😀

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