4D Ultrasound; It’s A Girl

Finallyyyyyyy … It’s a GIRL ❤

It took me 7 months to know what’s cooking inside my belly.

Yesterday, we headed to Royale Hayat to have a 4D Ultrasound which only focuses on the face of the baby. We weren’t expecting to know the sex of the baby as I was informed the Dr. won’t tell us unless I have another Ultrasound (3D).

As we went inside the room, the screen was huge on the wall, the nurse prepared me & the Dr. came in. She was very cute & sweet. As she started searching for the baby’s head, we asked her what does she see? a boy or girl? She immediately announced it’s a gilr & that’s it’s very obvious! 😀 She also explained how she knew she’s a girl.

She found the head, focused on the face but unfortunately her hands & legs were covering her face, the picture wasn’t very clear that much but we were able to see her. So small, tiny, cute & TALL! yupppp she’s very tall mashallah. Her legs were over her face & beyond that 😛

The Dr. tried her best to get clear pictures but unfortunately she couldn’t. She said she’ll do it again nshallah after 10 days & that we don’t have to pay now. I liked this gesture from Royale Hayat, trying their best with their patients & not charging them for it.

Can’t wait to hold you in my hands … My beautiful lil girl ❤

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16 thoughts on “4D Ultrasound; It’s A Girl

  1. Awww I called it hehe I had a feeling it would be a little cutesy girl and she will look just like her mommy! 3ad allah e3een’ha 3ala el 6ool hehe 😛 Bs el7emdella ya rab.. Allah etamem 3alaich saroon o egawmech bl salama o etshofeen’ha 3aroos enshalla 😀

    My little new Apple! 😛

  2. Alf mabrook 🙂
    tetrabba eb 3izkom enshalla

  3. awww wanasaaaaa. im actually happy its a girl 😀 inshalaah nefra7 ib weladtech! o tetrabaa b3ezech ya rab! :**

  4. Awww, congrats !
    My instinct wasn’t right this time pshtttt !
    Baby njooum coming ? allah ya7fe’6ha o ybal’3ej feeeha :*

    • hehe yalla ma3aleh next time 😛

      nshallah but i don’t think we’ll name her Nujoum coz the name is already in the family 😀

  5. HOW CUTE !! Mashallah .. MUbroook !!! :****

  6. Congrats babe 🙂 you must be happy, you’ll get a real doll soon & you’ll get to play dress up with that little angel of yours
    Allah ygawmech besalama you & your cute baby

  7. Sarah

    Congrats! Im expecting a baby girl too, im 6 months pregnant ;$ i know how you feel!! Buying the clothes and gettingnthe nursery ready is one of the great parts! Allah esahel 3laich inshallah wegawmich bel salama ;*

    • Congratulations to you too my dear 🙂 I’m done with the nursery & got me sm clothes but family are already buying alot of things so I stopped buying 😛

      Rabbi ysahel 3alech o ygawmech besalama o tkon mn ethoreya e9al7a :*

  8. Congratulations babe!! A baby girl!! Yay you can play dress up!!!

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