Tetanus Vaccination During Pregnancy


Tetanus is a fatal disease that can harm your nervous system & lead to your death after few days. It’s a kind of bacteria that gets inside your body through a wound/scratch/cut. Read more about Tetanus here.

Tetanus vaccination is given to pregnant women twice during pregnancy. I didn’t know about this til my Dr. told me that I have to be vaccinated. Got one shot when I was 5 months pregnant & got the 2nd a couple of days ago (7 months now).

I have 2 of my friends who were being treated at private hospitals when they were pregnant & didn’t get the vaccination. My regular checkups are at Rumaitheya Medical Centre (Public) & they’ve informed me about the vaccination without me asking about it, anyways I was clueless. Now, I dunno if all private hospitals are like that but I thought of writing about this important vaccination to let you know about it.

If you’re being treated at a private hospital ask about the Tetanus Vaccine, it’s very important for you & for your baby. If you’re being treated at a public hospital/clinic also ask about it, you never know they might forget about it.

P.S. Your arm will hurt you for a whole week after the vaccination, you won’t be able to sleep on it :/

Tetanus Vaccination For Pregnant Women

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8 thoughts on “Tetanus Vaccination During Pregnancy

  1. OMG!! mn 9ejech? hatha whma yraj3oon b.privat hospitals!! what kind of doctors are they seeing, this is basic info ma yabeelha doc sha6er 3shan yefham that they need it!!
    trra ham etha you never got chicken pox you should be vaccinated, a9lan some doctor even recommend influenza vaccine 4 pregnant women.

    • ee sheftay shlon! this is the most important vaccination for pregnant women coz it affects the baby when he/she is born! That’s why they give it twice!

  2. dear adri ana dasha el mw’6oo3 8awee bs i must say, plz plzzz share us ur reading about fifty shades of grey, i’d like to get one soon so i can’t wait for the review. thanks ^-^

  3. yaay thanks 😀

  4. Sn3a

    i am 7 month as well
    but i didn’t take the shot and my dr (private) never told me about it
    i made my homework and searched and found that not all the dr mention it and also none of my friends took the shot

    • all my friends who were treated at private hospitals didn’t get it, only those who were treated at public ones got it! It’s very important for you & for your baby! if you’ve checked the links in the post u’ll see how important this vaccine is!

      Better Safe Than Sorry!

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