Zafran Iftar Buffet Experience

I was invited to try Zafran Iftar Buffet yesterday. Zafran is a contemporary Indian restaurant which I’ve heard about a couple of times.

The decoration, atmosphere & place were beautiful. Loved everything.

The service was good, they greeted us before introducing myself as a blogger.

The place was very clean & neat.

Now, let’s talk about the food.

Main Buffet was good, I liked it specially the chicken butter, rice & naan.

Dessert Buffet was oriental & it lacked Indian sweets, I really wanted to try some Indian dessert dishes.

Buffet costs KD 7.500 & it includes everything (Drinks, Buffet, & Arabic Coffee)

Thank you Zafran for the invitation & wish you all the best!

The place


Salad Buffet

Main Buffet

The end

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10 thoughts on “Zafran Iftar Buffet Experience

  1. great pics !! and it was good to see you sis

  2. Miss Good Egg

    looks good, never been there.

  3. 3lekum bel3afya :*
    ana ma gedart ayee wallah 9a3ba alf6or braa albeet

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  5. Stole the first pic and well I liked the beef thing more than the chicken.. the chicken was too spicy for my palette :/

    • 7alalech :*

      Not everyone likes Indian food specially those who don’t like spicy food!

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