How Can 2 Restaurants Serve The Exact Same Dish?

*rolls eyes*

Concentrate on the above picture …. What do you see?

To be honest, I wouldn’t have noticed anything if they were separated & they came separated but in the same newspaper. You see Abdulwahab Restaurant included their flyer about their Futoor inside Alwatan newspaper & inside the same newspaper Fudruckers published their own Futoor ad.

Now, mashallah mashallah is it a coincidence or what? Both restaurants serve the same exact dessert dish! Shloooon? How is that possible? Do they have the same management? Even if they do, what makes both restaurants special if they serve the same dish? Y3ni if they have the same management, each restaurant should/must have their own signature dish, not  share it with another one!

But that’s not the case in here …

What I have concluded is that both restaurants used photos from the internet or from websites that sell photos. I’m not sure about my conclusion but that’s the only reasonable thing I can think of.


They share the same management, the same chef & they wanted to add the same dish in both restaurants!

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21 thoughts on “How Can 2 Restaurants Serve The Exact Same Dish?

  1. 7amood

    forget the photos. .30$ for futoor?!


    mbarek 3laich il shahr btw!

  2. Abdulwahab on gulf road used to be fuddruckers so I’d say the likelihood of it being same owner/management is 99.9%

    • then i’d say their marketing/management sux! How can they serve the same dish in 2 different restaurants?

      • I guess if they own the place they can do whatever they want – what is funny tho is – one is lebanese and the other american – there is NO way they should have the same desserts … LOL

      • exactly my point.

  3. Designer

    They r the same managment, even papa johns coz they serve the same desert too which is YUM by the way!!! I think it’s their own decision to choose the same desert but a7es @ least ghayrow l9oora mo?

    • serving the same dish for 2 different restaurants who have different concept? shal marketing el ebda3?

  4. Same management and therefore must be same dishes.

    • lazy marketing! hving the same dish, the same photo in the same newspaper!

      • Not really they provide the advertising agencies with the images o tara most of them are recycled from previous years 😛

      • well they can provide agencies with different photos of different dishes! 3ayzaneen? they’re big restaurants! beside they r the ones who choose which newspaper their ad will be published in & if they don’t they should follow up, if they want to do their job perfectly! beside i don’t think it’s their photo b3d! Q8MarronGlace found it on flickr from last year!

  5. miszbuf10

    lol, all you can really say is “this is Kuwait”

  6. loool right I know what you mean but maybe because of Ramadan so the American restaurant
    serve Lebanese desserts as it considered the most wanted dessert dish right !
    At least change the picture lol 🙂

    Found it here :
    Indulge your soul

  7. il9ora copy paste :p i think same owners

  8. LOL Swera i kept those two ad. to show them to the top management at work because its really a big joke how come an American food restaurant offering Lebanese food !!! it’s really awkward .. i know the designer or the marketing manager of the both restaurants and i know how creative she is ” BTW shes a blogger” so i don’t think that this is her decision ; i think this is a top management decision … ya3ni lo i want to serve the same dishes in different food outlet then i will put them all in one ad. why should i pay more money in different ads. with the same context !!!

    • Rainy, why would I serve the same dish in 2 different restaurants? one is American & one is Lebanese … y3ni what makes one more special than the other one? nothing! both have the same ad, the same dish, & the same picture! 😛

  9. Exactly

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