@Safat_Home Social Media Event

Safat Home arranged their 1st social media event last yesterday at their newly opened store which is located immediately infront Abyat, across Altilal complex. The place was huge & quiet unlike the one in Alrai which I hate because of the 4th ringroad, you’d swear & curse everyone driving until you reach the place!

Anyways, this branch is much better & I guess I’ll be heading to it more often than the other one! The event was small & cozy. It was arranged at Costa Coffeeshop which is located inside Safat Home. They introduced us to the place & that this is there 1st social media event but there will be more nshallah!

Each blogger had a goodie bag which included stuff & an envelope. Inside this envelope there were pictures, we had to find them in the store & hashtag it on Instagram! The competition was really fun, because I couldn’t run like my other mates, I had to cheat a bit using the help of Safat Home employees πŸ˜› Gotta thank them alot because I won many things πŸ˜€

Thank you Safat Home for the lovely event & wish you all the best πŸ™‚

Safat Home social media team welcoming us

Costa team talking about their new Ramadan flavors

Tried the strawberry one, very refreshing!

The stuff we had to find in the store πŸ˜›

The stuff I found & won immediately πŸ˜€

Winning is always fun πŸ˜€

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5 thoughts on “@Safat_Home Social Media Event

  1. That’s like a scavenger hunt. Cool idea and sounds like you had fun. Mabrook.

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  3. Mabrook πŸ˜› Sheftay hehe neseeebich hal dinner set hehe πŸ˜› Sometimes fate works in a funny way, the things we want the most come to us without any effort πŸ˜› Well in this case some effort!

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