Galaxy SIII; A Gift From Dad

On Saturday evening, Dad calls me asking me where am I? I was ofcourse busy in my cooking competition at Best Alyousifi 😛 Anyways, he informs me that he got me a gift but won’t tell me what is it until i get back home. He got me thinking, what did he get me exactly? I thought about the Galaxy SIII but thought no, that couldn’t be but then you never know 😉

I got back home only to find dad not available, checked everywhere for a bag or a wrapped box but nothing. Called him & asked him where’s my gift? he said he’s coming & he’ll come to my apartment to give it to me 😀

I heard him enter from the main door & I immediately opened my door, as he was coming up I saw a ZAIN bag he was trying to hide from me lol & I was like OH EM GEE ….

I love my Dad to death wallah he always surprises me with great stuff. He said he got it for me because Brother & Sister got it except me, he thought I didn’t buy it because I didn’t have a job (7bibi) but the thing is I wasn’t fascinated by Galaxy SIII, but now I AM & proud to be an Android user along with Apple 😛

Now the features of the phone are waaaaay better than my previous iPhone4, the screen huge, the camera has great clarity, I can use my voice to do certain commands, all iPhone apps are available there which is a great thing, I didn’t feel lost. Downloaded Kies to sync all my music, vids, photos & more.

Burst Shot; I can take up to 20 pictures at the same time & then choose the best.

S Beam; Transferring files from one device to another by only bringing them close together.

Smart Stay; detecting my eyes when viewing the screen so the screen won’t turn off. Lights will be on til I move away from the screen.

Im loving it ❤ Thank you Dad :*

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11 thoughts on “Galaxy SIII; A Gift From Dad

  1. What a great gift. 3alaich bil 3afia ^.^

  2. Bel3afya ,after a while tell us about your experience with this device

  3. Traitor!

    3alaich bl 3afya bs I will now make all your apple’s misbehave because you abandoned them!

  4. Awwwwwwww now I get why you are using it! That’s totally acceptable! Daddy gifts are awesome no matter what they are!

  5. I’m getting it inshallah soon! Zahagt mn el iPhone! When I first carried the SIII, I went: “Jabak allah mn b3d 6ool intetharriii!” lol ;p 7baaitah! Yallah 3sallah yhaneech fh 😉

    • hahaha ee when u use this u’ll say “wenek mn zman ya nethar 3eni” 😛

      thnk u babes :*

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