Dathra’s Volume II Launch Gathering

I was invited by the lovely Danderma to attend Dathra’s Volume II Launch Gathering at her house which is very close to mine😛 The theme was oldies X oldies (Dethara X Dethara). Even us were forced to wear old clothes (malabes dathra). I went to my grandma’s house, opened a very VERY old wardrobe & got me the oldest thing ever. Everyone laughed at me😛

Everything in the gathering was “dather”. The food, the decoration, our clothes & even the songs! it was really nice getting back those old memories & living in the 80s😉

There was a competition; who wore the oldest clothes ever (akthar lebs dather bel gathering). Guess who won? MOI😀

The gathering was lots of fun, i really enjoyed my time with the lovely girls:*

Dandy I wish you all the best😀

Dathra Volume II is on sale now at 52 Degrees.

P.S. Dathra doll was made by Jacqui’s Aunt🙂

Decoration dather with old candies

Dudette from 7ajidude wearing halaga clothes😛

Jacqui & PinkGirl Yoboy 3ala detharatkom😛

Dathra with her book & 3baya😛

Alnoury with her alba & muhalabiya😉

esofra kanat 7adha dathra😀

wagt elhujoooom

ya zeen detharat awal😉

Best Dethara Clothes Competition ….

And the winner is … MEEEEE😀

P.S. my clothes picture was taken by Jacqui :*

We celebrated Danderma’s birthday which is going to be next week🙂

Many years to come nshallah :*

Dathra’s Goodies Bag❤

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10 thoughts on “Dathra’s Volume II Launch Gathering

  1. It was absolute fun and I can’t believe I wore that hehe😛 Truly insane and enjoy the Apple TV ;P I hate you!

  2. OMG 3la dathratkom🙂

    Good that you have enjoyed your time
    Congrats for the best Dethara Clothes
    it seems that you and PinkGirl aren’t dathra as a mess but
    Dathra as in very old ( Daaathreen ) Coming back from the 60’s hhhh

    Dandarma Happy B.Day in advance !
    loool That doll looks exactly like the book cover🙂

  3. I love your post! Thank you so much for coming :**** It was so much fun wallah and I’m so glad you enjoyed your time ya ne3mat Allah😉

  4. I love what you’re wearing! Long live Polka dots ^0^

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