Book Review: Handle with Care

My first read for Jodi Picoult but won’t be the last for sure! A real heartache struck me from the first pages. I admit it was a long read, almost 650 pages but it was worth it! Enjoyed reading every single page, coz they had many feelings & emotions. This is one of the kinds I enjoy reading, it’s rich with informtion+emotions!

It’s the story of Charlotte O’Keefe, who delivered a disabled baby girl named Willow. Willow suffers from OI, a genetical mutation where the bones of the body break all the time, not caused by a harsh fall but by a single gentle touch! Charlotte left her work to take care of her little girl forgetting about her older daughter. Her husband is a cop & his job doesn’t pay that much! Medical insurance won’t pay it all, so they’re left to cut in expenses & think how they’ll manage in the future to provide a better life for Willow.

Dr. Piper Reece is Charlotte’s best friend & her OB at the same time. She diagnosed what was wrong with Willow when Charlotte was in her 27 weeks but she should hv known better. At 18 weeks, there were some indications that the fetus was suffering from smth but she didn’t see it, or let’s say neglected what she saw!

After 5 years from giving birth to Willow, Charlotte sues her best friend Piper because she wants more money to provide for her kid, more money to make her life better, more money so that her girl won’t feel different from other kids.

The lawsuit shatters the O’Keefes, they’re torn apart, but Charlotte continues with the lawsuit because she wants what’s best for her daughter!

I really really loved the story, the plot, the climax, the characters! Everything was just perfect. At some point I hated her husband, & I completely understood what Charlotte was doing! She was only thinking about her daughter! How everyone was against her but she stood still & strong, fighting for a better life for Willow!

The ending was unexpected to be frank & it made me tear ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

A MUST read!

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4 thoughts on “Book Review: Handle with Care

  1. stacyblaise

    Thanks for reviewing this book.. I am looking forward to reading it.
    Miss Blaise

  2. I absolutely loved the book and it broke my heart !
    You should read sing you home next ๐Ÿ˜‰

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