Pregnancy & The Extra Jelly-Belly

Being pregnant & having a baby growing inside you is a blessing from Allah that I’ll be thankful for the rest of my life. Having a very healthy & easy pregnancy is an extra blessing that I’ll never forget, not all pregos have it the easy way.

But there are things that really scares me, one of them is the extra weight I’m gaining & the extra flesh that I’ll have to deal with after birth. I know that some of the weight will disappear immediately after giving birth because it’s all water. Now, what about the the flesh of my belly that will be stretched to god knows how many meters (kidding).

I’m in my 6th month now, my belly still not showing that much, it’s not that big, some people were shocked when I told them that I’m in my 6th month, they didn’t know that I was pregnant. Which is good, I don’t want a huge belly :/ I still can wear some of my trousers but I don’t think they’ll fit me next month 😛 I’ve gained 6 kgs so far & the dr says it’s normal & that I’m on the right track!

I know, this weight will double when I reach the last month of my pregnancy & probably my belly will be so huge that I won’t be able to carry it anywhere.

Mommys out there, who went through this & managed to throw all the extra weight & flesh away, how did you do it? With a new born coming, the idea of joining a health club is out of my mind! Give me some tips so I can write them down & use them when the time is right!

P.S. My cravings started to grow stronger & I started to be heavier, like getting out of bed/couch seems very very difficult. Baby started pushing in all directions & yes it hurts! I usually dance/move alot in the house because sitting for long hrs hurt my back. Nhshallah I’ll be able to keep up with this routine!

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13 thoughts on “Pregnancy & The Extra Jelly-Belly

  1. Aww I just saw the “Swera’s Baby” counter hehe 😛 It’s cool and well I do not have any advice for you so I will just shush! 😛

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  3. bigpearls

    After delivery, eat moderately & healthy. Avoid the fatty nefas food (killah 5arabe6!) plus use the magic tool that will not only make u loae the weight but is also super healthy for urself & baby: BREASTFEEDING. Your body will use the stored fat around ur belly/hips & burn extra calories (around 500) daily to make the milk. I hope u will breastfeed exclusively, no bottles, no formula coz this is the natural way & the way it should be. Make sure u do ur reading regarding this matter from now on. All the best:*

    • i know about the nfas food, not going near it nshallah but maybe a bit! & yes i’ll be breastfeeding nshalla o allah ysahel ya rb 😀

  4. Amethyst

    Eat lots of natural food, breastfeed, and do this exercise:

    Stand up with your back straight against a wall, then shef6ay ba6nech for a full 30 secs. Let go then do it again 15 times. Start as soon as you pop, and do it twice a day at least. You will see the difference in a week or so. All the stretchy skin will slowly get tightened.

    If you decide to join a gym for that purpose, join Curves because it really does the job of toning your post-pregnancy body. I also recommend taking walks, even if they are just 30 or 40 mins. I know it’s hot and dusty, but even indoors would do the job.

    Good luck!

    • Gr8 will do this exercise immediately nshallah! thnx for the tip & im def gonna breast feed nshallah 😉

  5. Not much to say cause the hounds of hell would be let loose if I was able to give you advice but… take advantage of being pregnant. Use your stomach as a portable table :p

  6. miszbuf10

    besides eating and exercising, it takes a long time for the belly skin to adhere back to the muscles inside. you should buy a waist cincher, it holds your skin in tight to help it get back together faster. hope this helps. i bought mine from amazon.

    • yeah im planning on wearing the the belly band after 1 week from delivery! thank u 🙂

  7. ANFAL

    apply lotions that give flexibility to your skin on your belly and waist, this might help it strech back to normal after birth, specially ones with collagin, twice a day.
    for exercise I’d recommed cindy crawford’s after birth workouts which she has done to get her body back in shape, it is gradual, easy and quick but effeciant.
    search it up.

    good luck.

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