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Blogs & Ads can be a tricky subject to discuss! Blogs are considered the cheapest yet most efficient mean for advertising, that’s why alot of bloggers are being approached these days. Whether it’s a huge company or a small business, all will benefit equally from this certain blog!

The question is, do you consider this blog trustworthy if it has alot of ads? I want to hear the opinions of regular readers! There are many blogs out there that have (mashallah) alot of ads & they’re still trustworthy, but some are not!

To be frank, i’ve been approached a couple of times from people wanting to add their ads on my blog, the offer from both companies wasn’t that good & they had their own conditions so I refused. But from what I’m seeing, many like MANY “NEW” blogs out there who were just born have ALOT of ads! I’m really puzzled …. How is that possible? Blogs should have their credibility, reputation, & name in the community before having alot of ads!

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8 thoughts on “Blogs & Advertisements

  1. Miss Good Egg

    To each his own and each blogger uses his blog differently but to me it’s not only about the conditions laid down by sponsors. I consider my blog a personal space where I like to talk things I like. I’ve seen a lot of blogs who didn’t have sponsors change dramatically once they added them. The content changes, the material they talk about changes… it completely transforms from being something personal into something overly commercial. Sometimes you can’t blame them because they have to accommodate the conditions like you said but I usually just get bored of how superficial and commercial it turns out to be. The exception is probably Mark. That’s one blogger who still somehow maintains his identity and usually states his opinions whether he has sponsors or not and I like that about his blog.

    • Kalamech 9a7, it’s my own personal space that’s why I don’t want anyone controlling me with conditions & rules! I wish we can have sponsorships without rules or regulations, people will have extra freedom in writing & expressing their opinions!

  2. 7amood

    some blogs are biased.. one certain blog blocks comments that show the product in a negative view, even if it is was true, and only show the positive comments promoting the company/product. .

    and if anyone is wondering what blog that is, it is NOT ilSul6ana. .

  3. I think its quite invasive, and frankly, if there’s a ton of them, it does make you wonder why these people are blogging.

  4. It all depends on the person and what they want in the end. I personally will not change who I am nor how I write for ads and if a company disagrees with that then it’s their loss not mine.

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