When Bloggers Review Something

This subject has been on my mind for a very long time & I don’t know why I haven’t talked about it. Guess I forgot! Well, there was alot of talking about bloggers in Kuwait & their honesty when reviewing a product or a restaurant. So, here’s my 2 cents about the whole issue.

Yes, maybe some bloggers do exaggerate in reviewing a product or a restaurant but trust me not all of us do. Those who exaggerate can be counted with your fingers coz people in the whole world are not the same, there is the good & the bad (en kholiyat khorebat). So you can’t go & start a topic/rumor that all bloggers are liars!!!

Reviewing a product on a personal blog, it means that this review is based on a personal opinion. People are different in tastes, therefore what I like may not satisfy your taste. So, this is an advice, when reading a review post on a personal blog, note that it’s based on the person’s taste, you might share the same taste & you may not. So you can’t blame the whole review thing on the blogger. If you want to try the restaurant that this blogger spoke highly of, then put on your mind that it may not be as good as it has been reviewed.

Now, let’s talk about reviewing a restaurant. I might say about a certain dish that it’s delicious & very yummy, & when one of my readers goes & tries it, he/she doesn’t like it & I turn out to be a liar? WRONG! I might like an eggplant dish that is served with balsamic vinegar & it would be delicious but it might not appeal to your taste buds therefore, it doesn’t make me a liar, it’s called differences in food taste. But there some regular dishes let’s say like “Pink Pasta” which is very ordinary, so when I say that this certain restaurant serves a very delicious “Pink Pasta” & when you go there and find the dish very ordinary or not good then it’s either I was exaggerating or the restaurant failed to serve the dish as it is expected. Because some restaurant do fail in serving their dishes as expected.

For example CUTS, a very famous Brazilian restaurant which I like & wrote about it. Their meat is very delicious & tender. But to my surprise a month ago, the food wasn’t good at all. They only served 4 kinds of meat when they used to serve 6 or 7 kinds & the food was very very salty. Their salad bar was very regular, not as always. Now, that shows you that this restaurant didn’t keep its standards & really failed to serve quality food, therefore I won’t be visiting them in the near future. Some new restaurants struggle at first with their food recipes, one time it’s great, the 2nd it’s not. It’s either you give them time til they settle or just decide it’s not worth it.

When reviewing a product, let’s say a camera or a cooking machine. First; it’s considered a personal review. So whatever I say is based on my own personal opinion; whether i received this product as a gift or I bought it by myself, it won’t make a difference as long as people know that my blog is personal & not commercial & by commercial I mean those blogs who only post pictures & titles without a single word! I might like a camera with 16 megapixels, & write a great review about it, that it’s great & marvelous. But when you go & check it out, you may find this particular option is not good or not as expected. A cooking machine I’ve used & found very helpful, but to you it may not be. It may be messy or very slow but to me it is very helpful.

These things happen, it’s not in our hands, we cannot control them. Don’t blame bloggers. Just don’t put high expectations because taste differs from one person to another.!

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18 thoughts on “When Bloggers Review Something

  1. mubarakalrashidi

    Thank you for clarifying it out . Some people after a certain period put all the trust on the blogger they admire or follow .. So they go through “a blind follow” phase . Whatever , you like or dislike ,, they just going with your flow. This might be a big mistake cuz some bloggers as you said are not trust worthy even if they are very popular … Sponsorship plays a big rule in the review ๐Ÿ˜›
    So ye , the reviews we put are just our personal opinions … We might have big impact for stuff like service , atmosphere , music , the employees .. But but but not the taste

    • You’re welcome & yes when u’re sponsored u’re obliged to write a good thing about this restaurant, smtimes it’s true, smtimes its false!

  2. U have a valid point when it comes to personal taste but I have to be honest unfortunately many bloggers just recommends and exaggerate just for the sake of ads and satisfying companies. (u r not one of them and that’s a fact)

    Those bloggers really the ones responsible for degrading what really blogging stands for and with their useless posts readers loose trust in bloggers in general. It’s up to the reader to discover who r the real bloggers they should trust their posts and it’s up to us (bloggers) to high light that we r not perfect some bloggers among us r just in it for the money.

    Just one last point, some restaurants give bloggers the best treatment and meals but they don’t deliver the same quality to ordinary customers and the readers.

    • Yup, some bloggers do tend to ruin our reputation but it’s up to use (as u mentioned) to say the right thing! In this post I wanted to let people know that what I like, they may not like & vice versa! We’re human beings after all & yes we’re not perfect!

      Many new blogs nowadays are in for the money, which is really very bad & it’s ruining our reputation! & yes sm restaurant give special service to bloggers & regular service to regular customers!


  4. Hmm. Well, I agree with what you’re saying to a point.

    I mean, while it is true that whatever someone thinks of a product/restaurant/service/whatever is, as you say, largely a matter of specific, personal taste, it would be wrong to discount the aspects of ANY review by ANY blogger that make their words immediately seem less credible. Especially in Kuwait.

    Example: A food blogger (or a food critic) gets invited to a restaurant to try out the food for free. If he was invited under pretense of the fact that he was getting the free food in exchange for a free advertisement, then this is going to be the unspoken (and sometimes spoken) agreement. This is the agreement he is bound to uphold when he chooses to accept this invite/gift/whatever.

    If he is invited under the pretense of, “here, learn about me and, if you like what you see, please share your opinion,” then the whole dynamic of that invitation changes. Now, the blogger has the TRUE freedom to express whatever ideas he or she pleases. As long as there is no unspoken exchange of one free thing for another then its all good.

    And, I’m sure you and many other seasoned bloggers know the difference between the “free ad” invite and the “hey, take a look” invite. The differences can be spotted almost immediately from when the company or business in question decides to approach a blogger.

    In Kuwait, the truth is that most companies who contact bloggers and give them free stuff follow the first set of rules instead of the second. They don’t send bloggers free stuff because they actually care about them all that much. I mean, in the end, its money out of THEIR pocket. But they still send them the free stuff because they consider it a free (or very cheap) advertisement in return.

    Once a blogger KNOWINGLY accepts an invite or a gift that was given to them under the “free ad” pretense, even if they actually DO give their own personal opinion on the matter, the credibility of their words will always be brought into question.

    Because everyone, including the bloggers themselves, KNOWS the basic purpose and priority of the agreement. Not to help and guide the readers of the blog, but to SELL, SELL, SELL.

    Anyway, great post! This is definitely a topic that needs to be discussed among the blogging community and you made some really strong points that are definitely worth considering. And sorry for the long comment yet again :p

    All my love!

    • hahaha you wrote a whole post lol ๐Ÿ˜› take ur space ๐Ÿ˜‰

      See the question is, how can the reader know that this particular blogger was a “free ad” invitation or a “try our stuff” one? You can’t really know, coz we get contacted through our emails & only us (bloggers) know about such approach!

      I personally, haven’t been approached to a get a “free ad” invitation. It’s always “try our stuff” one & restaurant or companies know that i write my personal opinion, so many times i get invited to try knew stuff & i don’t care about what they’ll think of me, i write my own personal review. Even if i liked every dish but one wasn’t good, i’d still mention that this dish wasn’t good!

  5. 7amood

    if bloggers are to review a restaurant, they should not do it on an invitation basis, but do as what food critics do, sneak in, and sneak out.

    this way they will be treated like a regular customer, and not given the royal treatment.

    • We can never be food critics, coz food critics judge food based on quality, quantity, taste, how it’s cooked bla bla bla things we don’t master! What we do is review restaurant & products based on our personal taste & opinion! Sometimes we do sneak but sometimes we get invited!

  6. ุงุชูู‚ ู…ุนุงุฌ ุจูƒู„ ูƒู„ู…ุฉ..
    ูŠุนุทูŠุฌ ุฃู„ู ุนุงููŠุฉ ุนู„ู‰ ุงู„ุจูˆุณุช

  7. I agree on the taste

    However, there are three things I want to point out. First the companies who have a special attention to bloggers and try to make sure nothing goes wrong. Her had a really bad experience with a salon she got invited to. However she went there as a customer and from what I heard it’s terrible.

    Secondly, some bloggers exaggerate and just can’t find anything negative on their blog. You are one of the few out there that actually say something is negative. Yes we might have different tastes but I bet you some will never say it’s bad because they were invited.

    Finally, traditions. We are a community where we can’t say the truth to someone who invited us or a friend.

    • 9a7 I agree with all ur points, smtimes we get treated like royalty but in reality, it’s a different thing! I’ve read her post & I totally understand her point that it affects our credibility if business owners don’t keep up with their good service!

  8. well said dear ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I would either avoid the bad aspects of a place and not mention them and just mention the things I liked or simply avoid the situation altogether hehe.

    I prefer reviewing gadgets they are stable hehe ๐Ÿ˜›

    • to me, i have to mention everything about the place im reviewing! i cant talk about good things & just leave the bad! it can also help the place improve this bad service/food/etc in the future!

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