How To Make Money From Home?

As I am having difficulties finding a job because I’m in my 6th month now, I’m thinking of doing smth from home that can generate money! But the question is, what can I do? I’m gonna be staying home for a long period, the rest of my pregnancy & after birth period! So what can I really do? What can bring me money?

– Social Media is amazing, I think I can do that, like tweet for a company but most of them want their employees at work premises! Because employees need to do sm research before tweeting. So scratch that!

– Write a book? Okay, I’m thinking about, I even have the story in my head, the outline & everything but smhow I stopped! Even If im going to start now, it will take time! So scratch that too!

– Have a small business? Can’t do that! Can;t risk spending the money I have in my bank account without having a backup salary (good one). Scratch that.

– Mystery Shopping? Alshaya’a does it but I’ve heard that you spend more than what you earn, & they don’t pay you immediately! Scratch that.

– Baby Sitting? Also thought about it, Like I can take care of a kid or 2, let’s say from 7am til 2pm, but then I still don’t have a maid, so who will do the washing & the cleaning etc?. Scratch that!

– Journalism? It doesn’t pay that much, KD 20 per article, & only 1 article per month. Not worth the hassle. Scratch that!

Now, I ran out of ideas … Do you guys have anything on your mind that you can share with me & I can benefit from?

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28 thoughts on “How To Make Money From Home?

  1. El sara7a I don’t know what to tell you LOL! From home will be a tough situation I guess and I am not sure about the availability of those part time jobs so I don’t know what to say I’m stumped LOL!

    • mo thats why i wrote this post, I ran out of ideas too, so glt maybe people hv smth on their mind that i dont know about! 3alla wa 3asa 😛

  2. Miss Good Egg

    Katherine Center happens to be one of my favorite authors of all time. She wrote The Bright Side of Disaster- also one of my favorites. She wrote her best-seller while pregnant and mother of 2. She somehow manages to squeeze in a few hours of creative writing here and there. She often makes inspirational videos about her home life and writing. She also tweets often. Check her out. If writing a book is genuinely a passion, then you can do it just as many others did. I know of some others who also pursued their masters and doctorates while being pregnant also. Nothing is impossible if you have your strong network of support and ambitions.

    Best of luck :*

  3. 7amood

    cupcakes 😉

  4. If you’re good enough to design Ramadan accessories , outfits , ect.
    Then you easily can sell it using Instagram app !

    • I thought about it, but it’s considered a business & it would cost alot, i cant spend all of my money on it & not knowing for sure if i’ll get it back or not!

  5. Wanna be my partner in the t-shirts business? but it’s tough even for a single person like me :X

    • Yeah I know, it needs alot of time & effort, beside it’s very hot these days, i dont think i can handle it :/

  6. confused

    what does smth mean? i see sometimes people write smh and that means shaking my head like they are bothered. but i dont understand smth and you write it alot.

  7. why donot you benefit from this blog
    use google ads

    • hhmmm never thought of that! let me google it & see what I can do! thnx for the tip 🙂

  8. تعلمي هاليومين تسوين حلويات حق رمضان .. هذي ما فيها خساير وايد .. اذا احد طلب اشتري المكونات ,, اذا ما طلبوا ! طاف !! ما خسرتي شي … و الاماعين البلاستيك ترس الشويخ و رخاص ..
    اكثر شي يمكن تخسرين عليه ستيكر تلزقينه على العلبه ..
    بالتوفيق 🙂

  9. If you’re good at writing and you enjoy it then try doing some freelance work. You can make a respectable living, especially if you work with copy editing and business writing. Freelance writing work does not necessarily mean journalism. Although thats not bad either if you can get a couple articles in per month.

    This is basically what I do and it allows me the free time and the expenses to stick to my own schedule, get my responsibilities in order, and live comfortably enough until I finish with my Masters inshallah.

    All the best sweety!

    • I published a couple of articles here & there but it wasn’t fancy, i’ll be working on my book nshallah soon … wish u all the best too 😉

  10. Sheikha

    It’s tough to think of profitable ideas because you are right there is a risk involved. I know freelance writing doesn’t earn you much, but have you considered contributing to Bazaar and the special supplements that they make?

    • Bazaar pays only KD 20 per article which is nothing! I emailed them 3 times wanting to join their team but no one replied, dunno why!

      • Esperanza Writes

        Bazaar replied to me and told me that they do not hire in the meantime they just buy articles and they attached the rules for the articles/stories that are submitted. But when I actually sent them a short story I wrote telling them I don’t want to be paid for it I just wanted it published they never did publish nor reply to that. So #meh. Anyway I wish I could help u with the job thing but I only could say like the commenter above try Google ads many profit from them.

      • at least smbody replied, ana ma36ini 6af weya wayehom! im gonna try writing my book o nshallah it will work out 😉

  11. GiRLa

    بما انج بلوقر هذا مصدر دخل بروحه انا اللي اعرفه الاعلانات والرعايه البلوق يصير مدخول شهري حق البلوقر وانتي مشاءالله عليج بلوقج معروف

    وهم باب المسرحين بالهيكله افتحوه فقدمي عليه احسن
    😉 good luck

    • shofay salfat el e3lanat loya, katha marra shareka yatli bs eg3adaw yetshare6on 3lay! o b3den fi nas et’thabe6 nas o fi 3la 7asab! o beni o benech, ana 7assa enna ma7ad yabi e7e6 e3lanat 3ndi now coz 5ayfeen enni pregnant o i’ll be busy with the baby, fa maybe i’ll neglect my blog for a while o hatha elli 5ayfeen menna (tawaqo3ati).!

  12. Hafsa

    I am looking for a home job myself…being a full time mom with a toddler and hopefully more kids soon, plus I don’t drive, so really need some solution from home…writing a book is a good option but I personally am not inspired enough o do so…..plz do share if you come up with some other methods of earning from home….:)

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