Blog: The Importance of Business Cards

People have been asking me about my business card alot lately. It was kinda embarrassing telling them “no, i dont have one”. It happened alot, & then I started thinking of having my business cards printed.

Thanks to my dear Jacqui who printed them out yesterday, just in time. They were very helpful at Zain Social Media Event. Many people asked me for my BC & I gladly handed it to them 😀

I think bloggers should have their own business cards, as it helps us expand our social circle & certain people will know how to reach us.

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6 thoughts on “Blog: The Importance of Business Cards

  1. Yah yah sh’hal kashkha mno emsawee’hom? 😛 Hehehe just kidding 3alaich bl 3afya and I totally agree hehe they do help I guess 😀

  2. musingskwt

    oh cool, maybe I’ll have my own someday ;p

  3. It’s always better if you have BC on you in case to exchange your bc with others or if someone
    ask for it , I loved that design special thanks to Jacqui .
    I want one 🙂

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