Early Baby Gift

This is not the first gift I get ever since i became pregnant. Actually it’s the 2nd one, apart from my family. My best friend ever since kindergarten Dodo got it for me.

See, between Dodo & I there are no boundaries, I don’t feel shy from her at all or ashamed or whatever, she’s like more than my sister, she knows every little dirty secret about me 😛 (not that I have any). If we want smth, we’d ask without being shy. Like for example; I’d ask her “what will you get me for my birthday?” & she’d say “what do you have on mind?”. Being Swera, I’d be prepared with a lovely list & so she’ll know what to get me & vice versa.

When I got pregnant, she asked me “what do you want me to get you?”. I had the answer ready 😀 I wanted a baby messenger bag, and I told her to get it before I give birth coz i want it for the hospital 😛 Today, Dodo got me the gift, delivered it to my house, with a lovely wrapping 😉 the funny part is, I know what’s inside it, but still she wrapped it for me.

I love you Dodo :*

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10 thoughts on “Early Baby Gift

  1. Awww it looks lovely! Hehe 3alaich bl 3afya!

  2. how sweet of her!
    Allah y5aleekom lb3a’9 w 3laich bl3afya sweetie

  3. Miss Good Egg

    The baby bag is so cute and looks durable :]

  4. mom 2 be

    Hi dear
    I am 6 month pregnant baby girl in sha Allah; I liked this bag so much and I am not from Kuwait can you kindly tell me from where I can get it, probably through online shopping?


  5. mom 2 be

    ameeeen ya rb, w y5lilik jana 🙂

    many thanksssssssssss

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