Zaher El Laymon-The Avenues Experience

This is not the first time I eat at Zaher El Laymon Restaurant, I went to their 1st branch at 360 mall twice. But I’ve seen that they’ve opened another branch at The Avenues, so we decided to try it out.

The atmosphere is much better than the one at 360. I personally liked this more. The staff is the same, helpful & friendly, prices are a bit high but worth it for some dishes.

To me, I’d go again to The Avenues branch rather than the one at 360.

Complimentary Bread Basket

Fattoush … Delicious

Waraq 3enab … Yummy


Fattat Bedyan with Lahma … My favorite (very delicious)

Muhammara … A little bit dry!

Ba6a6a 7arra …. yum yum

Shawerma Platter … To be honest, I hvn’t tried but Dad & Sister loved it. It was more than enough for 2 persons

Reyash Platter …. Kinda good & it was also enough for 2 persons!

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10 thoughts on “Zaher El Laymon-The Avenues Experience

  1. z

    Aswa2 ma63am lebnany kalet feh .. ma yswa as3ara w akla jdan jdan 3adi .. awl ma63am lbnany akl feh w ma y3jbny!!

    3lekom bl3afiah 🙂

    • Shlon aswa2 o shlon b3den 3adi? sheno esaye2 feh o heno el3adi?

      ana glt fi ashya2 3adeya bs fe ashya2 latheetha!

      Allah y3afeek 🙂

  2. بالعافيه
    ولا مره جربته
    بس احس فرع الافينيوز أشرح خصوصا بالنهار
    يبيله اروحله غدا هالاسبوع ^_^

  3. food looks so good but i don’t think it tops fairouz and ya mejana, right?

    • to be honest i hvnt tried both, but i’d say Saraay is better than Zaher El Laymon, from my point of view! So if u hv tried Saraay before, hope this could help!

      • what! you have to, its the best wala! their kabab ana ba6a6a 7ara to die for, msa23at badinjan is good and their lebanes sambosa ityanin, kel shaaay 7ilooo, their actuallyy same company

      • 3yal nshallah will try it soon 😉

  4. I try it one Time only
    i don’t Like it
    the food is so salty

    • hhmmm wallah i dunno bs we hvnt faced that! maybe they didn’t cook their food that good on that day 🙂

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