Birthday Celebrations

People who surround you with love are the ones you hold on to. Family & friends are the ones who make me stronger in every obstacle I face & help me to face it.

They celebrated my birthday with me & filled me with their love & kindness.

It started on the 20th of June. My best friend Wadha surprised me with a birthday Cake. Her little boys sang for me. It was a lovely cozy celebration. Enjoyed it alot.

In the morning, I woke up, opened my bedroom’s door to find a lovely Victoria Secret bag waiting for me. A lovely gift from my little sister πŸ™‚ Bombshell Collection! The scent is really a BOMB! very strong & sexy, it would stay for days on your clothes or room. Thank you Nour :*

Another Birthday cake from my sweet best friend Dua’a πŸ˜€ Her daughter & I share the same birthday πŸ˜€ Both lovely Geminis πŸ˜‰

So today, we had a mini birthday party at my place! We exchanged gifts & enjoyed eating a delicious red velvet cake πŸ˜€

Nour is happy with her gift πŸ˜›

So busy playing with her new toy πŸ˜›

JacquiΒ &Β LujainΒ surprised me with a lovely birthday card. It’s sooooo soooooo beautiful! I really loved the little cute OWLS ❀ Thank you babes mwaaaaah :*

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6 thoughts on “Birthday Celebrations

  1. Aww 3alaich bl 3afya babes o Happy Birthday Again may your 19th year be as awesome as ever! :*

    O Bombshell by Victoria Secrets is amazing it’s one of my favorites hehe I like it as well as a couple of others I keep forgetting the names LOL! Hehehe

    O So glad you loved the card it’s simply gorgeous just like you! :*

  2. Aww happy birthday sweetie and yay many many pressies! Woot Bombshell sounds so *yummy* hehe! Mashallah your friend’s baby looks so cute with her ladybird costume ❀

  3. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAAAY!!!! πŸ˜€ That’s so sweet of everyone! Allah y5aleelich yahum and hope you have an amazing year filled with lovely surprises! xx

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