From Private To Public!

We all want the best for our babies & ourselves ofcourse. I always had this idea about Public hospitals being filthy, un-organized & a total mess (from what we see 6ab3an) & that Private hospitals are much better because they’re extra clean, have super-great service & they want to make you as comfortable as you can be, ofcourse because you’re paying a fortune to be treated that way. Beside, Birthing has become very expensive in the country.

The question is, who’s more qualified to take care of you & your baby? Private or Public? The answer, is well known to all of us. Public Hospitals (Alsabah) are known to be more experienced with difficulties during labour & birth. They have the best equipment (yes they do but you don’t see them very often) & their doctors are way much better than the private ones. Private Hospitals, are for luxury births, very comfortable ones, & you’ll find many nurses coming & going that you lose count, but are you willing to risk the health of your baby & yours for only a couple of days of luxury?

I’ve been thinking about this thing alot lately. I have my doctor at this private hospital & I was set to give birth in it but I’ve heard alot of horrible stories happen in private hospitals, where they don’t know what to do & they immediately transfer you to a public hospital (Alsabah) where they’ll be able to take care of you. It happened with 5 women I know & to one of our family members. That really scared me. I mean it’s only for one day, I can take the shit of public hospitals & maybe I’ll manage to find a wasta & get me own private room or whatever. The most important is my  babies safety & healthy & mine also. & what I’m worried about is; what if something happens to me & this private hospital is not capable of taking care of me? What if something happens to my baby? what if we don’t reach there on time? So many “what ifs”.

Tell me about your experience mothers, I’d like to know about it if you don’t mind sharing it.

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24 thoughts on “From Private To Public!

  1. Interesting topic really hope you get the answers you seek!

  2. i agree with you, it’s very well known that public hospitals (el wilada bs) are more experienced with delivering babies, especially if the case is difficult. all privet hospitals transfer pregnant women to mostashfa el wilada etha twahegaw because they’re either not experienced enough to handle things or they know it’s going to end badly & they don’t want to take responsibility. sometimes they even refuse to admit the patient to deliver the baby in the hospital. and other doctors will tell the pregnant mother in advance that when time comes, she better go to el wilada and not come to the privet hospital.

    you’re right, yours and your baby’s safety are your number one priority & concern. you should think about it first. privet hospitals are better when it comes to after birth care & recovery. so if you feel like you need to stay in the hospital for more than a day or two, why not deliver in public and rest in privet? ;p (if you can do it. not sure if they privet hospital will let you ;p madri )

    but i see your point and where you’re coming from. i’ve heard about so many cases where they face problems during delivery and the privet hospital can’t handle it and it sometimes ends badly or in death (b3eed el shar 3anich enshalla)

    i know we’ve heard, and continue to hear, negative and horrible things about public hospitals, and i’m usually the one who’ll say RUN! STAY AWAY from public hospitals, i hate them to death and i’m always against them. but when it comes to mostashfa el wilada and the doctors their, i can’t say negative things because i’ve never heard them. they’re the best and it’s known. and even if there are doctors in the privet sector who are better, the hospital will refuse to admit you because they don’t want to take responsibility.

    3gb hal garga el 6weela ;p (sorry about that ;p) ana agool saway eli yray7ich. 9alay 9alat esti5ara and see how u feel. consult with your doctor and see what he thinks, it might help 🙂

    alla ygawmich o ywaldich bil salama enshalla ;*

    • Yes, elwelada is the best public hospital in Kuwait & many young Kuwaiti girls advised me to go there because they’ve tried it. Private hospitals will make you sign a paper where they will not be held responsible for whatever happens & they’ll transfer you immediately to elwelada coz they’re not qualified enough to handle such cases!

      e5thay ra7tech 7ajiya, elmokan mokanech :*

      ameen ya rb 🙂

  3. Amethyst

    Swera, from one who went through this exact experience when pregnant, I recommend public (ilwelada). Before giving birth, they were A LOT more specific about the tests they run on you while you are pregnant. They do a ton of other stuff that the private hospital does not do, and they explain to you why it is important. As for giving birth:

    First, they did their jobs and more. I had nurses massaging me and telling me what to expect every step of the way. They also gave me the options of epidural, inducing labor, etc. without pressuring me like my doctor at Royal Hayat. Actually, the pressure from that doctor was what drove me away. She was trying to talk me into getting a c-section simply because my baby was not facing downward although I read that most of the time babies who are not in that position get into it when labor strikes. Third, the stories we here are more than enough to make a logical decision to put my baby and myself first.

    The public hospital now has new suites, and they are very nice. They are very clean and help you through everything even after you give birth and leave (breast feeding, healing, cleaning stitches, everything!). After giving birth there, I know for sure that I am never going to go to private hospitals to have any of my future babies (inshallah Allah yarzegni). I hope this helps!

    Allah ytamem 3alaich w iyaser lech whatever your decision is!xx

    • Sweetie, thank you very much for your comment, wallah raya7tini wayed! Didn’t know that elwelada treat you like that, I was worried they would just leave me in the labour room to suffer alone til I give birth o 5ala9!

      I do my monthly check-ups in Rumeitheya Medical Centre but since I’m going to deliver in elwelada I think I should switch there specially that I’m almost in my 6th month.

      My doctor is also in Royale Hayat, but I think I’ll be switching to elwelada!

      Thank you very much dear o allah yarzegech bethereya e9al7a akthar o akthar 😛

  4. GiRLaa

    السهالات من ربج سواء بالخاص ولا الحكومه
    ايام جدتي وجدتج بالبيت ولا شكو من شي
    انا جربت الاثنين بس مو ولادة كانت ولادة مبكرة اسمالله عليج ويبعدها عنج يارب
    الاثنين شطار وماعليهم كلام
    بس الفرق الخاص زوجج اهلج يكونون حوالييج
    الحكومة تكونين بروحج واهلج مايدرون عنج
    الخاص لج جناحج وغرفتج اللي تبينها
    الحكومة لي عندج واسطه او كانت في غرفة فاضيه صارت من نصيبج ولا راح تكونين بجناح مع حريم
    المراجعات الحمدالله مستشفى الصباح الكويتيات بس مراجعاتهم العصر وموو زحمة ترى بس عيبهم ممنوع زوجج يدخل معاج المراجعه
    الحكومة مو ضامنه اي دكتور او دكتوره راح تولدج بس الخاص دكتورج الخاص اللي انتي متعوده عليه او عليها راح يكون موجود حزة ولادتج
    الله يسهل علييج حمله وولادته وتقر عينج بشوفته يارب

    • hatha killa adre fi o 9a7 kalamech esahalat mn 3nd rabna bs elwa7ed lazm ya5eth bel asbab!

      Ameena ya rb o thank u dear for ur comment 🙂

  5. Miss Good Egg

    I think the most important factor is for you to be comfortable with the place regardless of whether it is public or private. It’s important to double check of their qualifications but sometimes even with a well qualified place, if you’re not “nafsiyan mirta7a” from the doctor or place, you will not be happy with the experience. I think you’re doing the right thing by experimenting and asking around but in the end you should just go with what you feel you’re comfortable with. Allah yhawin 3alaich enshallah. It’s an exciting thing 🙂

  6. I like this topic, it also reminds me of public vs private schools lol. Anyways, back to the public vs private hospitals. Well, my first born was in al Welada but that was ages ago, in 1996 (I feel so old loool) but my second two were born here in Geneva in 2005 and 2008. At that time, el welada was good but yes they don’t let anyone in but I heard now they do let them in now, no? Yes I was alone when I was in labour but the nurses were so nice. To tell you the truth, I haven’t been to any reception in Kuwait yet so I don’t know about them or how the hospitals are now lol but I heard stories like you, about when there are complications and how the staff isn’t really as qualified as thought to be. And I am also surprised at high number of c-section in Kuwait, what’s up with that?

    • hehe that was ages ago mashallah, allah y5alehom lech ya rb 😛 bs if u heard that they let people with u in the labour room then that’s better b3d, i think i should check this info! The c-section is because of private hospitals, they don’t want you to stay that long in the labour room so they give you the option of c-section as the only option you have to deliver your baby unlike elwelada!

  7. miszbuf10

    i have been wondering about this also, i gave birth to my first 2 children at Dar Al-Shifa and had a great experience, no complaints what so ever. The only thing is that it was almost KD1000 each time (for a normal delivery) which is a lot for me and my husband bc i don’t work. I have been thinking about going to the public hospital this time but I’m scared that the standards of comfort will not be the same. I do not feel comfortable sharing a room with anyone. I am hoping to hear more about this topic as I am terrified at the moment of going to a public hospital. thanks

    • KD 1000 is too much for a normal birth, is it really worth it spending all that money for a couple of days? instead you can spend it on urself & on ur baby! I think im switching to Public after reading sm good reviews about it & like you, i hate sharing rooms but if that happens, i think i can take it for a day ot two 🙂

  8. Riya

    hiii…first of all congrats!!!!!
    i think u should go to private hospital.. I had my baby at Seef Hospital last year and it was a gr8 experience (apart from labor pain :))… I had normal delivery… I walked in the delivery room and 3 hrs later i had my baby…

    The Doc was nice and the nurses were gr8 and very supportive. They allow 2 person in d delivery room (i had with me my Husband and MIL). Apart from that there services were sooooo Gud.. The rooms were amazing and the view from each room is to die for.
    As for the came to around KD 700-750 for 2 days.

    I also heard the same stories about the Private Hospitals not being good enough in handling emergencies.. i got scared and went to the Gov clinic to open file thinking it to be best for my baby, if there is any emergencies…It was soo crowded when i went at 7AM, they told that i hav to wait till 10-11 to see the Doc. As i hav to go to work, i asked them to make it quick for me. And you know wht they said.. ” when ever u come for the checkup wid the doc, take offfff from Office, as it takes time”. That means that i have to take offf from office 1-2 times a month just to c d doc and in the last months 4-5 times. And they do not allow your husband also during the consultation. Also, after delivery the Gov hospital has like only 2-3 hrs per day visiting time, so apart from that u cant c any1…THAT SUCKS!!!!!!!

    So, after weighing all the PROS & CONS, i decided to go in for private. And i do not regret :). If i have another baby..i will definitely go in for Seef Hospital..

    • I do my monthly check-ups at Rumaitheya Medical Clinic (public) & I don;t wait that long! Once i get my file, i get in immediately & they’re great! Elwelada for emergencies, why do u go there for check-ups?

      It’s not about which hospital offers the best service or care! It’s about the time when an emergency happens! In pregnancy you can’t know for sure if u’ll be delivering a normal birth or things will get complicated! When things get complicated they will immediately transfer you to elwelada! It happened to one of our family members & sm people I know! All private hospitals don’t want to take responsibility of the mother or baby in case of emergency!


    Ihad my first delivery in royal hay at I loved every minute of it they were amazing my mom and my sister were with me all night long w during delivery my husband kan mawjod woow iwas watching channel E all thet time !!!!! Il delivery room kanat tynain el 9ara7a b Hal wagtail aham Shay nafsitich if you’re relaxed and the surrounded by the ppl you love that all it matters el 9ara7a adfa3washteri ratty my sis had her deliveries bl Sabah masking troo7 broo7ha alone w entry w 7athich menu yewaldich 3ady nurse!! Ba3dain laykon public hospitals mako mistakes iskither sema3na baqla6 w Ana wa7da a3aeifha Naseen surgical tool w weirs qeira aham Shay el d03aa w Thany Shay el dr! Wela asalim 3umree 7ag person ma3rfa w akoon alone …..madri it’s miracle and u and ur family should enjoy it b royal hay at u can book a tour for the delivery room w they will show u exactly what to expect during delivery and to be familiar with procedure…..

    Hope it’s been helpful

    • it’s not about mistakes! coz mistakes happen & we cant control them “qadar allah masha2 fa3al”! It’s about when things turn bad, private hospitals tend to transfer their patients to public hospitals & we ala know that! The big question is WHY? because they don’t wanna take responsibility in whatever will happen to you! I know Private hospitals will treat you like a queen (nothing’s for free) but you’ll get better care & responsibility in public!

      Let’s see what will happen on Oct 😛

  10. nelly

    im sorry do you mean sabah maternity hospital?
    that place is a hell hole !! with your health and your babys
    i was sadly sent there after being in a car crash while pregnant and they needed to monitar me and the baby. if prison isnt the word for the room i was in i dont know what is. the gyno was a nice lady and so was the nurses but i felt more like a prisnor in cell. i was always in pain they did give me pain killers but to a limit , i had 3 fractured bones that was causing me to cry every night. yes my experince might be diffrent cause of the accident but it sadly didnt only happen to me. my friend was hospitalized there cause the baby was in a stressed position and ready to come out at 8 months , she was also thrown into a cell with no vistors or much pain killers.luxary isnt just for your relaxation its to make sure your not stressed so the baby doesnt get stressed either * which lead to more complications* my mother in law had all her births in private hospitals exept for 1 and still says to this day that it was her worst experince ever. eveyone is entitled to thier own opinion but after my experince there im not thinking of passing that place with the car even.

  11. Jess

    Hi, its great to find so much of feedback about the hospitals after searching and asking around. I’ve heard about the same from a few people I know and also sadly what women go through when they didin’t have any wasta!!
    Will go the private way & hope for the best that public service won’t be required.

  12. Jamila

    Hey I really like this post! I hope all went well for you..! Did you have the baby in the Saba7? It is such a confusing dilemma when deciding where youwant to have your baby…!
    I went there last week for emergency, (i am 29 weeks, and I felt my feet were really swollen and I was having vision problems… I was scared I would have pre-eclampsia) and I hated every second there….It was nasty, unclean, and the doctor was a 7mar (excuse my language) He was unsympathetic and made it seem as if I was dying to see his God Damned Face! (again excuse my language, but it was a horrible experience) But then again, I am sooooo scared of the Private hospitals because of everything I hear.. my checkups are in Dar Al Shifa, and I heard that was one of the best private hospitals for maternity issues, and When I talked to my doctor about what hospital I should go to, she told me if I was having doubts about the private hospitals to just save myself a headache and go to the Saba7.. So basically she didn’t encourage me to stay in the private hospital…I am sooo scared… and I do not know what to do!

    • i went to private but to be honest i felt they did lots of things to gain extra money. Yes the care n everything was beautiful but what they only cared for was money.

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