@Bakerista_Q8 Edible Babies

What’s cuter than edible babies?

Came back home to find a package full of baby girls & boys waiting for me to be eaten 😛 The lovely Bakerista treated me with this lovely surprise (Thank you dear) :*

I’ve been a fan before we got to meet online, I remember calling her back in February to place an order but she was very busy mashallah. Nashallah doom ya rb! Her cake-pops are very delicious & yummy, they just melt in your tongue & you keep eating them one after another. Her prices are also very reasonable, unlike other bakeries. & the details of each cake-pop are very creative. Way to go girl.

Keep up the good work & thank you very much sweetie :* Everyone went crazy over them at home 🙂

Facebook: Bakerista Q8

Twitter: @Bakerista_Q8

Instagram: @Bakerista

Are we having twins? 😛

little angels ❤

Is it a girl?

Is it a boy?

All will be gone sooooooon

I ate two 😀

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14 thoughts on “@Bakerista_Q8 Edible Babies

  1. omg cute

  2. soo cute 😉 Love Bakerista !

  3. tanya1234

    luv it 🙂

  4. Miss Good Egg

    What’s inside? Red velvet?

  5. 7amood

    i would have felt guilty about biting their head off 🙂

    but I must say they look amazing!

    • hehe i know the feeling but because I already know how they taste, I couldn’t resist 😛

  6. How dare you eat your child! How how how could you! 😛 Hehehe I bet they were delicious! 😛

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