Ubon Restaurant Experience

Thai food is very rare in Kuwait, I’m talking about “high quality” Thai Food. When I’ve heard about a new Thai restaurant opening in Kuwait City, I couldn’t resist the temptation to try it. My sister is also a sucker for Thai food, Dad won’t mind eating anything with rice, so we’ve decided to head to Ubon on Friday, coz this is our family day where we enjoy lunch outdoors minus my husband 😛

They open from 1pm til 11pm, we reached there around 1:15pm & 4 tables were already occupied mashallah. The place is very cozy & small, it can hold around 9 or 10 tables. The interior design of the place is modern & chic (loved it). The staff was very friendly & efficient. I’ve heard few comments about them having slow service but good thing we haven’t faced that. The quality & quantity of the food are more than perfect, & their prices are very reasonable.


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Open from 1:00 pm til 11:00 pm

Now, let’s take a tour around the place & review the dishes, shall we?

Small & cozy

Tom Yum Talay

Ingredients: Hot & Sour Seafood Soup with Vegetables & Mixed Mushrooms.

Verdict: DELICIOUS, it reminded me of that Thai restaurant in Singapore. What I loved about this soup is that you can control how spicy you want it, & to me, it was perfect.

Shrimp Wantons

Ingredients: Shrimp Wrapped in Wantons & accompanied with 2 kinds of dipping (forgot their names).

Verdict: It was good, nothing special about it, but the sauces made it very yummy.

Chicken Green Curry

Ingredients: Mix of Green Chili, Herbs, spices & Sweet Basil Mixed with Vegetables in a Coconut Cream

Verdict: O M G … DELICIOUS & SPICY. I love anything that has coconut in it & this one was just beyond amazing. It was very hot, yes but highly recommended. Green Curry is a WIN.

Jasmine Rice

Verdict: I was skeptical about this kind of rice, but boy I was wrong. I think this dish is what makes the restaurant special (from my point of view). I’ve never heard nor tried a Jasmine rice. After trying it at Ubon, it became my favorite, the smell & the sweet taste of this dish was amazing. Loved it.

Coconut Shrimps

Ingredients: Stir-fried Shrimps Cooked in a Red Chili Coconut Sauce.

Verdict: Dad went crazy over this dish, moi aussi 😀 It wasn’t that spicy which was good to me. Loved the size of the shrimps, the mix & everything about this dish. Highly recommended.

Garlic Fried Rice

Verdict: Well,what can I say? It was a very good garlic fried rice 🙂

Shrimp Pad Thai

Ingredients: Rice Noodles with Shrimps & Eggs, Garnished with Crushed Peanuts

Verdict: Exactly like the one I’ve been craving ever since we got back from Malaysia in 2009. The smell, the taste, the look, just perfect. Thank you Ubon for bringing quality Thai food to K-Town. The crushed peanuts added a beautiful flavor to the rice noodles.

Perfect price for 3 persons.

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