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Movie Review: The Flowers of War

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a good movie like this one. It was really good & touching!

The movie talks about the time when the Japanese army invaded China & brutally killing everyone infront of them not sparing any soul, not even the children! Specially young girls, they used to rape them, torture them & then kill them. (The Japanese were really awful). A drunken man (Christian Bale) saves 2 girls escaping from the Japanese army & takes them to the church where they supposedly cannot be touched by the Japanese army, another group of girls join them. A group of women from the brothel also join them later on & the story begins. They all want to leave Nanking (the occupied city) with the help of John (Christian Bale) because he’s a Westerner & no one would speak to him, but will they all be able to escape? You gotta watch the movie 😉

The setting, the plot, the script, the acting are perfect. Though, the movie has some disturbing scenes, they don’t show you alot, but it’s still disturbing!

Highly recommended!

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