Documentary: The Business of Being Born

My dear blogger Fionkafied suggested that I watch a documentary about child birth called The Business of Being Born. It basically talks about how “giving birth” became more of a business to many people specially those in the United States. It talks about many mothers scheduling their c-sections, doctors acting as if a c-section is the best option for the mother when she spends alot of hrs in labor, many medications that cause distress to the baby or the mother like Epidural, or Prostaglandin. & so on.

In this documentary, midwives talk about how Doctors induce labor to make the delivery faster because it causes them alot of money & time if a woman spends more than 12 hrs in the labor room. They want a woman out, another in to make extra money. & that’s why sometimes they suggest that c-section is the best option because it saves them time, just 20 minutes & the doctor is back home instead of waiting for 6hrs or more.

Midwives, state that the mother should not be given any medication to induce her labor, because when the baby wants to come out, it will come out eventually! Medication will only make things worse & that’s what you’ll see in this movie.

It shows you some mothers giving birth at home with the help of their midwives & only using a water tub or a mini pool! The whole thing turned out to be not that easy but to me it was unexpected! We as humans feel more comfortable in hospitals. I myself can’t imagine giving birth at home, but for sure I won’t be using an epidural or scheduling a c-section unless it was necessary.

To all mothers-to-be out there, please watch this documentary before deciding on anything. It’s very inspiring & full of information.

A pregnant woman giving birth at home with the help of her midwife

how women were treated in hospitals back in the old days

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6 thoughts on “Documentary: The Business of Being Born

  1. I’m glad you liked it! I should probably mention that I learned about the documentary through @Ascia_AKF’s twitter (3n la a7ad ygol I’m taking credit or something :p). Btw, I thought some of those women giving birth at home made it look so easy lol they didn’t even make a sound 😡

    • LOL you don’t hv to mention from where u knew about it, I mean we won’t be able to remember the source of every information we get 😛

      Thank you for this enlightening movie, i really liked it 🙂

  2. Interesting.

  3. 7amood

    eekhh.. disturbing photos allah yhadach :S

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