My Kung Fu Baby

At 18 weeks, I noticed the first movements of my baby! Sometimes, it felt as if someone was tickling me, & sometimes it felt as if something was swimming inside my belly.

At 19 weeks, the baby started to kick, & not just 1 or 2 kicks? Oh no, it was continuous kicking, nonstop mashallah! That day, I couldn’t sleep, the kicking started at 7 am in the morning & continued til midnight! It was awesome. Now, it’s not continuous, i feel it every now & then. Sometimes when I move to my left or right side, I can feel the baby moving with me lol.

Can’t wait to know if it’s a boy or girl …

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14 thoughts on “My Kung Fu Baby

  1. 7amood

    why dont you let it be a surprise? its more fun this way 🙂

    • I actually can’t wait beside there’s a nursery we’re decorating, not to mention the clothes 🙂


    Let’s bet :p I think it’s a boy…when I was pregnant with my baby oh boy you can feel the energy all day long non stop….so my guess it’s a boy

    • haha you think? wallah i hv no idea, sm r telling me it’s a boy & sm are saying it’s a girl 😛 let;s wait & see 😉

  3. Up High Lullaby

    that sounds so cute mashallah, boy or girl the most important thing is that the baby is healthy and that the mom has smooth and nice delivery (inshallah)


  4. umkhaloodie

    You can actually tell by the foetal heart rate :p

  5. waaaay cute! tickling you ha ;Pp~
    3la 6ari swimming, my friend’s mum just gave birth to a baby girl, she has 5 girls mashalla & I remember her saying that when it’s a girl she always had this “swimming inside my belly” feeling ;p
    Allah ygawmech bsalamaa w tfr7een blbaby

    • hehe ee always tickling 😛

      I know they told me the same thing, that if u feel it swimming then it might be a girl bs allah el3alem 🙂 but i felt a couple of kicks too so it might be a boy, who knows 😉

      ameen ya rb :*


    جنه متاخر ليلحين ماعرفتي جنس البيبي يبين من الاسبوع 14 😉 قبل السونار شربي شي حالي علشان البيبي يتحرك واذا كان نايم ولا معطيج ظهره بالسونار كحي راح يتحرك … ولا تنسين اتسوين السونار الرباعي يونس يعطونج سي دي السونار
    هذا لينك يعطيج انسب وقت اتسوينه

    الله يقومج بسلامه وتقر عينج بشوفته يارب ربي يسهل حمله ولادته

    • laaa wallah lel7een mo mbayen! alyom sawet sonar o el baby msaker reelah mo rathy yefta7hom 😛

      thank u for the link :*

  7. Awww it’s trying to get away with things right now 😛 Bs when the baby is born hehe 3a6eeeh el 3ain el 7amra! 😛 JK of course 😛

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