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A Heart Inside Your Belly

Last week, I had my 4th appointment with my doctor. She checks on me & the baby every month. I was 18 weeks & she asked me if I started feeling my baby’s heartbeat! I told her “no” & she was like “that’s weird, but you’ll probably feel it in a couple of days”. I was kinda disappointed, coz as it seems, I’m supposed to feel the baby’s heartbeat yet there was nothing!

On the same day at night, I put my hands on my belly & there it was … The heartbeat. I felt it ❤ I couldn’t believe myself, it was so fast & it seemed not real! 2 days after, there was nothing again! So i thought i was imagining things on that day. Now, I’m feeling the heartbeat of my baby every single day, every time! It’s like music to my ears! Sometimes, I just sit on the couch, no tv, no music, nothing! Complete silence, just to enjoy the sound of my baby’s heartbeat.

It’s an amazing feeling wallah, a beautiful experience! I pray that every girl out there will get to experience this one day enshallah!

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Celebrate With Maki-6th Anniversary

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