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TidyTilt Smart iPhone 4 /4S Covers

TidyTilt smart iPhone 4 /4S  covers are Available now in Kuwait for KD20. TidyTilt come in Blue / Green / Black /Pink.

Check out the Video:  http://soo.gd/TidyTiltKuwait

 Be among the first globally to own one. We are taking Orders through:

Phone /Whatsapp: 94019832

Twitter /Instagram:  @TidyTiltKuwait

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/TidyTilt.Kuwait

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Quote: Hugh Jackman

“The natural law is that we should all have equal access, equal opportunity with the planet, but it seems the way we’ve divided it up politically or economically, that is not the case.”

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Movie Review: Snow White & The Huntsman

Finally, i had the chance to watch the movie this week & what do I think about it? Well, I had mixed feelings! I liked it & I didn’t like it.

Why I didn’t like it? KRISTEN STEWART IS SNOW WHITE! eeerrrrr, I dunno what they see in her? I mean directors or producers or whoever selects the actors! She’s so boring, dull & her face has one expression! The same one you see in Twilight! She cannot act several rules! It’s like this is the only expression her face can make, specially the part with her mouth. OOOFFFFF :/ Another reason, is because cinescape sliced the movie & fed it to the cats which made me a little bit bored! And the movie was really long, it starts slow, then speeds up, then rests for a while, slows down, speeds up again & the result is a nice finale.

What I liked about the movie? Charlize Theron, my god, she’s so beautiful, her eyes are just so seductive, not to mention her accent in the movie was very sexy, even though it seemed a bit heavy on her but I liked it. Her acting is superb as always, she was the perfect Evil Queen even with her blonde hair 😛 another reason is Chris Hemsworth, also his acting skills are amazing, after Thor he became one of my fav actors & I cannot imagine the role of The Huntsman on anyone else but him. The graphics of the movie was amazing, how it was directed, the scenes, the locations, and the customs were just perfect! I loved it.

It’s a nice movie, worth watching but not in Kuwait cinemas.

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