Typos=Ok! Bad English=NO

I wonder, why people write, tweet, talk etc in English when they really don’t master the language? Why don’t you just speak your mind in your own mother tongue language! Why show off? When you’re actually embarrassing yourself! We can get/catch typos, but what we don’t get/tolerate is BAD ENGLISH! Dear lord, just forget about it.

Is it because they think they’re speaking perfect English? or is it because they wanna compete with others showing that they know how to speak English too! When they actually don’t, & that makes their situation worse!

For the love of god, spare us such agony! Reading your words in English can be really painful for the mind, soul & body! Everything aches in me when I read bad English.

It’s just a peaceful advice … Take it or don’t leave it, because you have to take it 😛

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47 thoughts on “Typos=Ok! Bad English=NO

  1. fionkafied

    OMG! That’s one of my BIGGEST pet peeves I swear. It’s all about expressing yourself why would someone choose to express themselves in a language they don’t know very well? It bothers me! wala lein yaw yetfalsfon belfarancy w hm englizee ma y3arfon lol 🙂

    • Ya weeeeel 7ali 😛

      Wallah when i read an abusive English word, I swear I feel as if i’m going to explode! I don’t get it! & I admire people who write in Arabic, coz probably they feel they can express themselves better in their own language!

  2. صاجة صراحة كلانج منطقي و عجبني خلاص انا راح اكتب بالعربي احسلي

    • shofay etha elwa7ed watheq mn his 2nd language then ok even if they’re doing tiny mistakes, that won’t make a problem! bs when u write a sentence that’s totally ruined then oh my god, stick to ur own language!

  3. Poaches

    Maybe they’re just trying to practice English. I think we should encourage them to continue speaking English even with bad English because otherwise we might be hindering their progress by making fun of their English. Bs 9idg feeh nas elly bs trying to show off the 50 words they know in English bs 7aram 7g elnas elly 9idg ga3deen ye7awloon yet3almoon el lo’3a.

    • Wallah im with you & i’d be willing to help those who want to practice their English, there r many ways to, for ex there r institutions, magazines, movies, songs, & they can write whatever they want on paper! but what im talking about is when you talk/write in confidence thinking you’re english in perfect when it’s actually not!

      • Poaches

        I see from where you’re coming from bs let me tell you something: I’m learning Spanish and I insist on speaking tp my Spanish and/or Spanish-speaking friends in Spanish and my Spanish is very very bad but that’s how people practice. I can’t practice in the learning centre I go to only and I can’t practice it alone at home. I need to talk, write, etc to people to raise my self-esteem in the language and have some confidence. Same thing goes weya elnas elly ye7awloon yet3almoon ello’3a el English. I know what type of bloggers you’re referring to and i think they’re writing in English because English is used more often than Arabic and English-based blogs attract more people. My first language is English and I’m don’t get bothered one bit when someone speaks to me in broken English even though that someone could speak to me in Arabic which he/she is fluent at
        3shan lazem we encourage them:) but I do see where you’re coming from o fahama shino 8a9dich. Even though I don’t agree with you I understand:)

      • My dear, there is a huge difference in opening a blog to practice English & opening a blog to spread information in a butchered language!

        Im not against practicing another language at all! but what im talking about is thinking that you know perfect English when you’re not! Speaking/Writing the language in a horrible way is not acceptable if you’re not practicing it!

  4. Anon

    I wonder, why [you forgot to write “do” here] people write, tweet, talk etc [usually use etc at the end of a sentence so this is wrong] in English when they really don’t master the language? Why don’t you just speak your mind in your own mother tongue language [mother tongue or native language, not mother tongue language, this is redundant and wrong] ! Why show off? When you’re actually embarrassing yourself [sentence fragment] We can get/catch typos, but what we don’t get/tolerate is BAD ENGLISH! Dear lord, just forget about it.

    Is it because they think they’re speaking perfect English? or [forgot to capitalize] is it because they wanna compete with others [by] showing that they know how to speak English too! [sentence fragment due to the exclamation point] When they actually don’t, & that makes their situation worse!

    For the love of god, spare us such agony! Reading your words in English can be really painful for the mind, soul & body! Everything aches in me when I read bad English.

    It’s just a peaceful advice … [elipsis is only used at the end of a sentence to generate suspense, you should have used a comma or semi colon] Take it or don’t leave it, because you have to take it [forgot to put a full stop at the end.]


    • – I didn’t forget to write “do”, I deliberately removed it because you can do that in English Language.

      – “etc” can be used anywhere in the sentence & it’s not considered wrong! Show me the rule which states that. Beside, even if it’s true i’m not writing an official essay!

      – Redundancy is not considered wrong or bad English. It can happen unconsciously or to stress or emphasize on the subject.

      – Capitalizing letters & sentence are considered structure not grammar, so it can’t be considered wrong or bad English if you’re not writing an official essay!

      – Whether I use ellipsis (double L my dear), coma or a semi colon, that’s totally up to me & how I want my post/paragraphs to look like on my own blog! Again structure not grammar.

      – As I mentioned before, it’s not an official essay, written with good English language.

      – My house is from steel so eat your heart out! I cannot be touched 😉

      • F

        Hahaha lol, you are too awesome. I totally blogstalk a couple blogs from Jacqui’s friends and I have to say yours is the only one I ever comment on!

      • *blush* loool I’m glad that you did my dear, that shows me the stalkers coming from Jacqui 😛

      • American Girl

        I’m not really sure who this Anon person is above — the one correcting your grammar, syntax, and sentence structure. However, their ‘corrections’ are, for the most part, incorrect.

        Adding the word ‘do’ is outright incorrect grammar. It was the placement of your comma which appears to have confused them. I could go on and on about their corrections, but there’s really no need.

        In reference to your post, I totally disagree with you. As a native English speaker I think it’s adorable to see people practice their English skills. I love the accents and I love to read the accent in their writing. There are different levels of English skills but no one should be ridiculed or discouraged from learning a new language. And how can one learn if they don’t practice? No offense, but your English isn’t perfect either, but I would never suggest you stop writing in English. I admire you for learning another language and working towards improving it.

        When I speak Arabic people often giggle — in a kind way — telling me it’s ‘cute’. But to me it’s still laughter and it causes me to shy away from speaking it. However, just as I adore the Arabic accent when people speak English perhaps they also enjoy my American accent when I speak Arabic.

        For those of you who do speak, read, and write both Arabic and English… bravo! Regardless of where the skill level is. It’s something that should be encouraged and never discouraged. If someone wrote about your English skills (negatively) it would hurt your feelings.

        Empathy and kindness are far more valuable than proper grammar.

      • If you haven’t checked the comments, plz do! I;ve stated that my English is not perfect, after all it’s a 2nd language & even for native speakers American/British you guys also make mistakes as we do in Arabic! I wasn’t talking about perfection! I was talking about ignorance, thinking that you do know perfect English when you don’t. I;ve encountered one girl who thinks she’s the best & speaks perfect English when she doesn’t know the simple basics!

        Maybe you do like reading butchered English such as “I is go that school” but such sentences from my opinion are not suitable/appropriate to write in posts spreading info about a business/place/review or whatsoever.

      • American Girl

        See how easily offended you get by the simple statement, “You’re English isn’t perfect”? Imagine how others must feel when you ridicule them? Why not encourage people? If you notice a mistake point it out nicely — or say nothing at all.

        Of course, at the end of the day, it’s your blog… you can complain if you want to. But, as the previous person said, “Don’t throw stones… “

      • I don’t c any sentence that indicates i was offended! I said that I admitted my English isn’t perfect, so it’s either u dont comprehend your own language very well or you need glasses!

        Yup it’s my blog & i can say whatever I want. Oh, & I might start throwing stones soon so watch out, smth might hit you on the head!

  5. mazyod

    A friend directed me to this page, and I’d like to leave some notes as an answer to the “why” question:
    1- Because practice makes perfect. You should help by pointing out the mistakes!!
    2- Because an Arabic [Urdu, Japanese, …etc] keyboard is simply not available.
    3- Because typing in English is much more convenient [Faster].
    4- Knowledge taught at colleges is in English. So, sometimes you can’t easily translate it to Arabic. Even if you didn’t master the language, you have to use it to make a point! (Regardless of BAD English..)

    P.S: You don’t wanna visit my blog, since it might cause you a heart attack or something, if you are that much annoyed by BAD English :P.


    • You can practice it at home with yourself, why publish it online! Do you think that will help you improve your English? it won’t coz you’re doing smth wrong & there’s no one to correct you, unless you’re expecting comments from teachers to correct every sentence you write! There are institutions for that!

  6. I totally agree it’s one of the things that I insanely loathe about bloggers nowadays or the ones who write in both Arabic and English translating their text, choose one language and stick to it!

    • See translating can be helpful smtimes only if it’s done correctly! but when you ruin the whole thing!! la la la

  7. english

    Just a note. You out of all people needs to improve your English. Your grammar is horrible.


    • Really? How so? Don’t just say that i need to improve my English, show me what are my mistakes your highness!

  8. A

    Instead of having a superior attitude towards people who haven’t excelled the English language, you should encourage them to practice and allow them to better themselves instead of shaming them.

    • I havent shamed anyone for I did not mention a name therefore no one has been shamed! I’m just stating my own opinion! & I’m not having a superior attitude! I had my shares of my mistakes in English when I was younger because it’s not my native language! & guess what? I improved it by myself alone, not publishing my horrible sentences online! That’s not a suitable way of practicing English!

  9. Sorry but I disagree with you this time ..

    I support every one trying to talk / write in any language
    in order to learn the language they have to try and the more
    mistake they do the more they learn to correct and improve
    there performance with that new language.

    It’s a freedom of speech , Some people can express more in English
    They might be better than you and me in talking but they aren’t that
    good in writing the words !

    So it’s a relative matter , Any way we can understand all typo and all
    mixed up letters by reading the whole sentence right ?

    • My dear, let’s say that you have a blog or a twitter account & you publish your posts in English, do you expect teachers to correct your mistakes? how will you know your mistakes if someone doesn;t correct them for you?

      • Ok you just made a mistake doesn;t = doesn’t lol 😛
        They always can depend on their followers to correct them
        It’s that simple don’t make it look so complicated !

      • That’s typo 😛

        Do you expect all your followers to be perfect in English?? Do you expect them to correct everything you write?

        I’m not complicating things! I wish I can show you what Im talking about but I can’t!

  10. lol my english is bad hahaha, but im learning from my mistakes, sometimes a friend of mine calls me to point out english mistakes and I appreciate it, but sometimes feeh people type fast without realizing words mistakes or missing words.

    • La wallah your English is not that bad! Im talking about the ones who don’t know anything about grammar, or structure! it’s just awful! & yeah these things happen!

  11. q8marronglace is right.

    i remember i was nervous talking to half american-half kuwaiti friends, i was like guys i have some english grammatical problem, and they said it’s fine, we do have problem in english too, but keep speaking english even though there are mistakes, but we’ll help you with it and the more you practice the more I improve. y3ni shloon nt3lam without mistakes. which i find them really awesome !

    • yes even Americans have problems, as we do in Arabic & that’s what im talking about! you have people who will help you to correct your English, but who will do when you publish it online? it’s not like a teacher will appear every now & then to point out your mistakes & correct them for your!

  12. oh really lol i wish my sisters would think like you :Pp yes well you could comment them down and help them by correcting their gramatical or spelling mistakes in a very nice way 🙂 i don’t mind if you do that to me , I’d be pleased 😀 Abla.swera hehehe

    • haha trust me im not that perfect 😛 if the sentence has 1 or 2 mistakes that would be fine bs, im talking about a whole paragraph totally messed up!

  13. Right it’s a typo and FYI : No body is perfect even English people do mistakes !
    I wish I can understand what are you really talking about here ?
    Please show us maybe we didn’t get what are you trying to let us in this post

    • I know, & I admit I’m not perfect too!

      Wallah i want to but I can’t! Coz i don’t think it’s appropriate to name or show people’s mistakes! if i can do that you’ll totally understand what im talking about but unfortunately i cant :/

  14. Hmm I guess people have the right to write using any language , it’s not school and it’s not something formal so kil wa7ed 3ala ra7ta makoo rules 😀 Ana my English mo perfect , it’s a 2nd language so mo lazem t9eer perfect o posting in English is the only practice I can preform everyday . No one can blame u , hatha rayech , but ba3ad kil wa7ed o keefa 😀

    • 9a7 kel wa7ed o keefa, kho mara7 amsek kel wa7ed o amna3a enna yakteb! it’s my opinion o I wrote it down on my blog, coz i hv the right to!

      no one is perfect! bs when u abuse the language, it isn’t considered smth right!

  15. Salma

    Yeah dear I know what you are saying ! I know I can’t speak fluently bs at least I know the basics . Some people they don’t know the basics in grammers, example : they wrote” I’m study” instead of “I’m studing” , So I agree with you , and I get your point of view ! .

    • Exaaaaaactly! That’s what I mean! As long as you know the basics it won’t hurt if you do 1 or 2 mistakes every now & then! but when you don’t know & still use it to publish things online!? NO!

  16. فلان

    السلام عليكم اول شي.. سالفة اللغة اشوفها شي عادي و حتى اللي مايعرف وماعنده علم بأساسيات اللغة و يقط بدليات هم عادي, الكل ناقص حتى بالعربي و موكامل إلا سبحانه, بس سالفة إنج تتضايقين من هالسالفة اشوفها تميلح الصراحه, يعني يا تقرين كلام مكتوب عدل ولا بتعصبين و تتضايقين ! صج في ناس اجانب مثل الهند واليابان و المكسيك يقطون بدليات وايد بس نشوفها عادي.. بس إذا واحد عربي او كويتي ما نتقبلها منه و نحسه تافه ؟؟ تقبلي كلامي و اسمحيلي اعتذر إذا قلت شي غلط

    • etha tegra el comments ana glt enna mako a7ad kamel o elkel eghale6, 7ata e7na enghale6 bel3arabi! bs ana tekalamat 3n ennas elli yetfalsefooon o ysawoon nfshom enna 3balhom fahmeen o 3arfeen ellogha 3adel bs ohma ga3deeen ekhorooona! etheqa benafs zyada 3n ellazm mo 7elwa! la ohwa temele7 wala shay! etha mat3arf tetkallam bel englezy 3adel 3adel o 3ndek majal ennik tetkalam bel3arabi, fa lesh etefelsef mathalan?

  17. Shopgirlq8@gmail.com

    When I first read your article I was like omg she’s so right…..when when I scrolled down to read the vast amount of comments I realized how wrong I was…..we should accept ppl decision in what language they choose to write in their own blogs , twitter …. It’s their space, we should respect that and we shouldn’t look down on them or patronize them…. I wish you see this thing from all angels you might change your opinion like I did…


    • okay, here’s a question! if both people know how to speak & write Arabic, it’s their native language! Why one talk in English to the other one when his/her English is totally horrible & sliced to pieces? I’m talking about those people who show off saying that our English is good when it’s not!

      i wasn’t looking down at people, i admire those who try to learn admitting their English isn’t that good! but when one comes to me & say that “my English is perfect” I can’t tolerate that because from what I see, their English is totally awful!

  18. ecause they need the practice.

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