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Typos=Ok! Bad English=NO

I wonder, why people write, tweet, talk etc in English when they really don’t master the language? Why don’t you just speak your mind in your own mother tongue language! Why show off? When you’re actually embarrassing yourself! We can get/catch typos, but what we don’t get/tolerate is BAD ENGLISH! Dear lord, just forget about it.

Is it because they think they’re speaking perfect English? or is it because they wanna compete with others showing that they know how to speak English too! When they actually don’t, & that makes their situation worse!

For the love of god, spare us such agony! Reading your words in English can be really painful for the mind, soul & body! Everything aches in me when I read bad English.

It’s just a peaceful advice … Take it or don’t leave it, because you have to take it 😛

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A Useless Soul Living Among Us

Have you ever felt like this … A useless soul living in this world sucking the air from other people who are struggling to have it? Well, that’s exactly my feeling these days!

Not having a job, not even a part time job can make you feel like that. Sleeping, eating, going out, doing nothing useful at all, all the time can be really frustrating. My mind is about to stop functioning!

Some of you will say, why don’t you start a project or a business! Yes I thought about that, but business needs alot of money, a big budget, and you have to have a backup plan (job) which I don’t. So scratch that for now! Maybe next year nshallah if I’m alive!

It just pisses me off when people don’t wanna hire pregnant women because they think we’ll be whining all the time, taking medical leaves, complaining from morning sickness blah blah blah! Well, guess what? It’s not the same case with every pregnant women out there! I can take working long hrs, waking up in the morning & heading to work in the heat & i can also attend events or outdoor meetings! I’m completely capable of doing many things as I’m having the best pregnancy ever (El7mdellah). So it’s really sad having people with such close minds!

I’m just pissed, upset, sad, and angry at our world!

I’m useless for now …

P.S. If you need any help in anything, plz email at any hour of the day/night! I’ll be glued to my pc until further notice!

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