Movie Review: M.I.B. 3

How can I truly express myself about this movie? HOW?

One of the silliest movies I’ve ever seen. It was a very bad idea to make a 3rd sequel. The 1st & the 2nd ones were just fine, we good actually, but this movie made me hate everything about Men In Black. What were they thinking about when they decided to make a 3rd part? make more money?

The plot was very ordinary, shallow & the action wasn’t convincing at all. The script was dull & boring, I bet there were parts you were supposed to laugh but I couldn’t. It was very silly, I’m telling you. 7addah s5eeeef :/

The characters were also shallow & nothing special about them. We know few things about K & J’s past but still it wasn’t enough to make the movie interesting. Tommy Lee Jones looked very old & expressionless, thank the lord he didn’t appear in alot of scenes.

The movie is a huge failure!

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8 thoughts on “Movie Review: M.I.B. 3

  1. Miss Good Egg

    Too bad, I actually wanted to go see it :/

  2. Most of the Hit movies don’t care about what audience think.
    There main concern is how much money they will get back !

  3. F

    Aww, I’m sorry you didn’t like the movie. I actually went in thinking it will be so bad but I actually loved it! (I’m usually annoying when it comes to movies too.) I thought it was really a really good movie overall and Josh Brolin does a magnificent job at a young Tommy Lee. I also thought there was a good balance of action and comedy in the appropriate places & I will say, I actually liked it better than The Avengers. Definitely recommend seeing it and then making up your mind about which is your favorite!

    • well, everyone has his own taste ofcourse! i honestly found it very silly! The Avengers was much better & everybody agreed to that!

  4. lol, no one talked good about this movie

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